We need your feedback

Map of Stone with indicators of potential changes

Do you agree with the proposals in the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan?

These proposals have been based on feedback from the community over the last 18 months and hopefully represents what people want to see happen in the local area.

We must make clear that the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan is not proposing to build more houses – the housing numbers for this area have been set by central government as a target for growth. The only power the Neighbourhood Plan can have is to influence the type of housing that gets delivered and we are proposing to do this by ensuring provision for families on low incomes and retirement homes so that people have the option of staying in the parish at all stages of life and are not priced out of the local market as they are currently.

It is important that when considering the plan, residents understand that the housing growth will likely happen with or without the plan, but the benefits proposed to the infrastructure, public realm, health and wellbeing are not likely to transpire if the plan is rejected.

We now need your feedback to confirm that you either agree or disagree with the proposals to ensure we bring forward a plan that has significant local support and will result in the best deal possible in the face of this future growth.

Thank you in advance for contributing to this activity and ensuring the voice of local people is heard.

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