The Tree Year PlanThe UK has just three decades to reach net-zero emissions and tree planting has emerged as a prominent part of the government’s plan to get there.

At the Council Meeting in July 2021, Stone Parish Council joined over 230 Councils in the UK who have already declared a Climate Emergency.

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of making the declaration, resolving to reduce the Council’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030.

Throughout the life of our three-year strategic plan and in pursuit of a greener parish and improved air quality, we will be taking on a huge challenge to plant 3,000 trees in three years. This will include utilising council-owned land, collaborating with local landowners and possibly even providing trees for resident’s gardens, where this is appropriate.

Tree planting will include establishing fruit and nut trees to create community orchards where this is feasible.

We will also utilise new hedges instead of trees, where these will help to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety or contribute to effective absorption of C0² pollution.

Tree planting at Claire Tiltman Centre – March 2023

Stone Parish Council have been successful in securing funding via the Forestry Commission to plant and maintain 71 trees at the Claire Tiltman Centre over the next 2 years at the Claire Tiltman Centre. During February and March 2023 the grounds team planted 40 of these trees, with a further 31 trees to be planted during the autumn/winter of 2023-2024.
The trees planted are mature, helping to ensure they are ready to support the local eco-system more quickly. The species of trees planted include; Acer, Carpinus, Corylus, Fagus, Ilex, Malus, Prunus, Pseudotsuga and Taxus.

These trees will help provide cleaner air for residents and provide habitats to support the ecology of the area. They will also provide the council with the opportunity to diversify the use of The Claire Tiltman Centre by supporting environmental projects such as forest schools.

The council would like to thank Land Logical from Atlas Park (Stone Pit I) who supported the tree planting by loaning our grounds team some of the equipment needed free of charge.

Atlas Park (Stone Pit I) Tree Planting – February 2023

Atlas Park, more commonly known as Stone Pit I by residents, has been owned and operated by Land Logical since 2014. The 41 hectare (101 acre) site is a previously landfilled former chalk pit and is being progressively restored with the overall objective being to return the site to a sustainable landform suitable for use as publicly accessible greenspace, with enhanced biodiversity. For more information about the site click here.

Land Logical have planted 3,000-4,000 native trees this Spring alone and there is potential to plant over 20,000 more should the site be given the support required to open up the site to the public. As outlined in the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the council is fully supportive of the development planned for Horns Cross as it will open up a significant amount of green space for residents to enjoy.

This additional tree planting will help support the biodiversity of the area and help tackle the high levels of pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide emissions, providing cleaner air for residents.

Community Orchard Dedicated to King Charles III at The Claire Tiltman Centre – February 2023

Funding from Kent County Council supported the purchase of 12 mature fruit trees that were planted by our grounds team at The Claire Tiltman Centre during February and March 2023 helping to create a community orchard. The community orchard has been dedicated to King Charles III, to memorialise his recent coronation.

A range of quince, apple, cherry, plum and pear trees were planted. As the trees begin to flourish we hope to make the orchard open to members of the community to support projects linked with sustainable living. The orchard will also support the councils mission to providing cleaner air for residents as well as providing habitats for local wildlife to grow and thrive.

Brent 6th Scouts Tree Planting – February 2023

The Claire Tiltman Centre is home to the 6th Brent Scouts who run sessions every weekday evening from the centre for residents of Stone and the surrounding area. Throughout the winter months the 6th Brent Scouts further enhanced the environment of the centre by planting 425 trees. These trees will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the centre and provide much needed green support for the local environment as they create habitats for local wildlife and cleaner air for residents.

Tree planting in memory to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – October 2022

Following the wishes of His Majesty The King, the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative was extended to the end of March 2023 to give people the opportunity to plant trees in memoriam to honour Her Majesty. On 28th October Stone Parish Council planted the first of five trees in Stone Parish in remembrance to Her Majesty and as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.
Residents joined us and helped plant the tree by laying compost from the flowers that were left in her memory at the Stone Recreation Ground War Memorial following her passing. Chair of Stone Parish Council Cllr Lucy Canham and Vice Chair Stephanie Thredgle also paid tribute to Her Majesty before residents were led in prayer by Reverend Kenneth Clarke from Stone St Mary’s Church.
The five trees were planted at the following locations;
– Stone Recreation Ground
– Horns Cross
– Stone Castle Park
– The Claire Tiltman Centre
– Alamein Gardens

Tree Planting with Stone Scout Group – Saturday 2nd October 2021

On Saturday 2nd October 2021,  Stone Scouts along with our Grounds Manager, Chairman Councillor Canham and Councillor Mitchell, came along to Stone Recreation Ground to take part in a tree planting event.
A total of 104 saplings were planted which form part of Stone Parish Council’s Tree Year Plan, which seeks to plant 3,000 trees in the parish over the next 3 years to reduce emissions and improve the local environment.
A big thank you to all who braved the wet weather to take part in this initiative.??