The council’s Tree Year Plan scheme outlines the council’s aspirations for 3000 trees to be planted in Stone Parish over tree years (2021 – 2024). Tree planting is a prominent part of the government’s plan to achieve net-zero emissions. It also helps combat local issues around improving air quality and provides habitats for wildlife to flourish, helping to enhance the biodiversity of Stone. So far, we are aware of 3600 trees have been planted in Stone since 2021, exceeding the council’s target.

For more information on the tree planting that has taken place in Stone Parish please click here.

If you or an organisation you are a part of have recently planted trees in Stone Parish please update the council by emailing events@stoneparishcouncil.comcreate new email so we include your trees in our total.

Even though the council’s tree planting target has already been exceeded we will continue to enhance Stone Parish Council owned green spaces throughout the year and explore ways to incentivise further tree planting to take place in Stone Parish.