Latest Update Regarding Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Designated area

Following a recent change in legislation to The Housing and Planning Act 2016, a formal request was made by the Neighbourhood Plan Directors Group for the council as the Qualifying Body to apply for the Neighbourhood Area to be enlarged to constitute the whole parish boundary, in-line with the original application to designate a Neighbourhood Area and for the reasons set out in the report.

From 1st October 2016 it is now a legal requirement that districts and boroughs must designate the whole area applied for, with no discretion to amend the boundary, where a parish council applies for this

At a meeting held yesterday council members unanimously agreed to the application to enlarge the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan area.

This would mean that the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan will now have a steer to influence the development of 850 homes on the Thames Europort site.

NP Designated Area

Update Stone Neighbourhood Plan area designation resolved

On Thursday 23rd July 2015, Dartford Borough Council cabinet members resolved the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan area, re-instating key sites recommended for exclusion such as Stone Lodge, Stone Pit 5, and residential parts of Crossways back into the neighbourhood area.

Formal designation of the neighbourhood plan area now enables consultation to take place regarding key development sites to ensure local residents can influence and shape delivery of local infrastructure and green space.

The map below shows the resolved Stone Parish Neighbourhood plan designated area:
NP Designated Area 2
Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation to be Resolved

Dartford Borough Council Cabinet members are poised to formally resolve area designation for the Stone Neighbourhood Plan this Thursday 23rd July 2015.

Members will be required to consider whether to support or reject the recommendations of planning officers to exclude a number of key local development sites, including Stone Lodge and the Thames Europort site, from the neighbourhood area.

Neighbourhood Plan Directors are concerned that support for such amendment of the neighbourhood area from the requested parish boundary will unreasonably prevent residents from positively contributing regarding the future development of Stone Parish and are therefore calling for members to re-instate these sites when concluding the appropriate area designation.

The meeting takes place on Thursday 23rd July, 7pm at the Civic Centre.

Proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area

Proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area