Sustainable Footpath & Cycle Path NetworkObjectives in the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan aim to improve the ability for residents to travel around the parish on foot or by bicycle to reduce the use of cars to help lower carbon emissions.

The council is particularly keen to encourage sustainable travel to school as habits are formed when young, therefore instilling preference for walking or cycling at an early age will not only help keep residents healthy, but also contribute to improving air quality.

A cohesive footpath and cycle path map was produced as part of the Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out a series of upgrades and new installations to create new connections around the parish. Individual schemes range from £23k-£650k, which will be prioritised for impact and available funding and delivered as appropriate over the life of the plan.

We will evidently not be in a financial position to afford all the projects in both above schemes. For some smaller projects, we may be able to utilise CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) which comes from tax on local development schemes.

More likely, we will rely heavily on supplementary funding, either through collaboration with Kent Highways or Dartford Borough Council, or through securing grants from applicable government or public body schemes. However, we feel it was important to do the work to articulate our vision so a cohesive approach can be taken to this in years to come, whether by us or other bodies.

We will also look to compliment these physical upgrades with initiatives such as bicycle repair and recycling, cycle parking and walking groups.