On Wednesday 22nd March, the council met to discuss the planning application to build a medical centre at Steele Avenue. Members recognised there is desperate need to expand the provision of medical services within the parish highlighting how significant growth in the population of Stone and the surrounding areas has not been matched with the expansion of medical practices. Residents regularly find it challenging to get an appointment when required, highlighting the need for increased capacity and access to improved facilities that can provide a wider range of services.

With this in mind, Members were encouraged that an application for a new medical hub has been put forward. However, following in-depth analysis of the application, members felt they were unable to support it in its current form. The council resolved to object to the plans due to several flaws identified with the application, some of which have also been highlighted by residents and other public bodies. These concerns revolve around the following issues.

  • Compatibility with the Stone Neighbourhood Plan
  • The increased traffic and lack of parking provision, leading to increased congestion and air pollution
  • The design of the building
  • The inaccuracies and lack of detail with the plans
  • Strategic and financial implications

Stone Parish Council welcomes dialogue with relevant stakeholders to ensure these concerns are addressed and is ready to work with relevant bodies to ensure the much-needed health facilities for this fast-growing parish are provided.

The full submission to the Planning Authority that addresses the council’s concerns can be found hereopens PDF file .

Our objection along with other responses to the application can be found here.

Proposed Medical Centre