Minutes Published:Meeting of the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Directors held on Wednesday 12 December 2018

Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Directors’ meeting – 12/12/18



Apologies for absence:  John Burrell, Luke McLean, Margaret Mitchell and Stephanie Thredgle.


Declarations of interest:  None.


Minutes of last meeting held on 22/11/18:


  • Preparation of the Green Space document has now been taken over by Tony Burton in conjunction with Jennie.
  • The Basic Conditions Document will be created by Tony but this is not pressing.
  • A meeting with DBC Housing Dept took place on 10/12/18 and this is reported below.
  • We need to include aspirational support for a CLT in the plan – see below.
  • We are still awaiting feedback from Stone St Mary’s School and the Brent School on the foot/cycle path plan. Paul is due to see Jane Rolfe at St Mary’s next Monday 17/12.  She sounds very enthusiastic.  Joel is due to visit the Brent School this week.
  • The issue of the new parish boundary still needs to be resolved. Jennie referred this to NALC for their legal advice.  Their response was not very convincing.  Tony is confident that this should not be a problem at all.
  • Andrea Wright had asked how the final consultation was going to be conducted.This was discussed with DBC at the separate meeting on Monday 10/12/18.
  • Andrea expressed some concern about the timing of the Strategic Environmental Assessment.It was agreed on Monday that we would seek to speed up the process by consulting with SEA informally before the final plan is completed.
  • The Green Corridor presentation by Loiuse Hooper was helpful and encouraging. The written report was received on 4/12/18.  Jennie has spoken to Louise about the possibility of synthesising the green corridor with the foot/cycle path plan as this would significantly enhance the final plan.  Louise had quoted £5,000 for this but we do not have this in the budget. Jennie will explore with Louise if something would be possible at a lower cost.


To discuss the latest version of the plan


The meeting then went through the latest draft of the plan as follows.


On page 1:  The text for “Foreword”  and “Stone’s story” have both been sent to Tony today.  The text for “Neighbourhood planning” has been sent to Tony by Jennie, but Tony is best placed to describe the generic features of this.  Final decision on the maps needs to be taken as this is becoming a pressing item.  At this point it was recommended that illustrative photos are included where appropriate. 


Page 2:  The first paragraph mentions “more than 800 responses” but the number is far greater than this.  Jennie will check and make sure that an accurate figure is included here.  In the second paragraph it should read “The consultation activity has included several online surveys”.  Also mention needs to be included of public consultations at the pavilion and the Judo Club plus an on-line exercise involving all three schools in Stone.  In the third line of “Our Vision” the word “in” should be removed after “thrive”.


Page 3:  In the tabulated summary under “Green space and recreation”, any work done by DBC on this needs to be sent across to Tony who will undertake the work on GS1.  In respect of GS2 Stone Recreation Ground, Jennie will email the Master Plan to Mark Aplin/Andrea Wright.  In connection with HW1 Jennie will email the Green Corridor report to Mark and Andrea. “The Key Diagram/Map of Neighbourhood Plan Approach” – Jennie will prepare this overview map.


Page 4:  Under the “Green space and recreation” heading, in the fourth paragraph, the “EVIDENCE” is being prepared by Jennie.


Page 5:   Under “King Edward Road buffer” there is a “the” missing in the last line of this paragraph.


Page 6:  The heading should be amended to “Trees, shrubs and air quality”.  We want to ask Tony to include reference to shrubs and their effectiveness at filtering exhaust fumes.


Page 7:  No issues.


Page 8:  Under “Housing” it was agreed that we need to do all we can to avoid being associated with the proposed new housing developments. In particular, not to quote the anticipated new housing numbers.  However, we do have a housing policy objective so we do need to acknowledge the development environment while avoiding giving any impression that we are promoting or encouraging more houses.  The wording of this needs to be a very delicate balance.


Page 9:  Under “Local housing” we need to include mention of our support for the possible establishment of a CLT as part of our objective to provide affordable housing.


Page 10:  In the first line “LU1” should be “LI1”. Jennie will rewrite the text for Stone Castle and include the point that in the Stone Castle area there is no community facility, so protecting Stone Castle is particularly important.  Under “Digital infrastructure” Jennie will provide Tony with a digital heat map.  We will make reference to Government policy on the requirement for quality, reliable digital connections.  At the bottom of the page mention is made of “Atlas Park”.  As this is a newly named site, we need to reference it on the overview map.


Page 11:  Under “Horn’s Cross Neighbourhood Centre”, the line that begins “A Masterplan for the area . . .” should be deleted.


Page 12:  No issues.


Page 13:  No issues apart from a small typo in the third line of the paragraph under “Development Management” where “pan” should be “plan”!


Feedback from meeting with DBC


Jennie, Tony and Paul met with Mark Aplin and Andrea Wright to discuss both the NDP process and the content.


The final draft plan needs to be approved by SPC at their council meeting on 17thJanuary so the plan needs to be distributed to members a couple of days before this. The final consultation will then be initiated.  It is intended that all the supporting data will be available on the SPC website by the end of the year.  The consultation will then take a two-pronged approach – online and a simultaneous parish-wide leaflet drop.


Andrea said she will provide a list of the stakeholders/agencies who need to be consulted. Jennie undertook to give Andrea SPC’s list.


Mark suggested the help of DBC in preparing the maps but this role is the responsibility of one individual who is in great demand.  Jennie said it would be helpful if base maps could be provided for her to embellish. We will need a definitive list of specific maps – physical/diagrammatic etc.


The Strategic Environmental Assessment screening will be undertaken during the final consultation. The draft plan and the screening will go to the SEA agencies separately but in parallel.


Tony will prepare the Basic Conditions Statement.  He does not anticipate any conflict with DBC policies.


Tony asked Mark if DBC have agreed how the decision process will work regarding the sign off of the plan. Mark said that the officers will make comments and recommendations but the plan will need to be submitted to members at a cabinet meeting.  Nevertheless, this should be a technical process, not a political one.


There was some discussion on housing.  It is acknowledged that the NDP has the capacity to introduce policies on small sites that is outside the remit of DBC.  This relates in particular to self build/custom build/CLT.  On the question of local priority for affordable housing, it would be a political issue if it did not embrace DBC’s broad policy (i.e. the residential criterion is more than two years!).


It was agreed that, from now on, Mark and/or Andrea would not attend the NDP directors’ meetings but, instead, they should meet with Jennie, Tony and Paul once a month at the end of January, February and March.


Meeting with Jackie Pye (Housing Dept.) 


Priority access to affordable rented accommodation is operated on a borough-wide basis using an A to E banding measure.  As mentioned above, the requirement is for more than two years residency in the borough. Jackie thought that including a Stone Parish-wide priority policy in our Plan could cause a conflict with Dartford Borough both from a legal/technical perspective and a political perspective. Despite this opinion, an NDP has the power to impose such a parish-wide policy.  Jackie will provide Jennie with the breakdown of Stone’s waiting list for affordable rented accommodation vis-à-vis the whole borough.



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