Minutes Published: Meeting of the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Directors meeting held on Tuesday 15th December 2015


Minutes of the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Directors Meeting held on Tuesday 15 December 2015, 7.30pm at Stone Baptist Church, Hillhouse Road, Stone DA2 6QH


 DIRECTORS PRESENT:  P Winchester (Chairman), D Bartlett, J Burrell, K Elliot, C Michaelas, M Mitchell, C Olney, J Schofield, J Thomas and S Thredgle


IN ATTENDANCE:  E Mote – Council Coordinator for Stone Parish Council


VISITORS:  N Katz – Land Logical


69/12/15NP:    APOLOGIES 

Apologies for absence were received from S Brindley, R Hogg, K Kelly, J Mote, C Pearce and V Winchester.



No declarations of interest were received.



Directors resolved to approve the minutes for Tuesday 17 November 2015 as presented.



There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


73/12/15NP:   PROCEDURE

  • To update Terms of Reference to incorporate process for disqualification of non-attendance at meetings and procedure for engagement of new Neighbourhood Plan Directors

Directors discussed amended Terms of Reference and process for Director disqualification and resolved updates as presented:

Item 3 – Membership

  1. Prospective new directors to the NDP committee can be self-nominated or nominated by an existing director. In either case they will be required to provide a brief summary of any relevant experience or qualifications and an explanation of why they are interested in being involved in this project.  Such a summary would be circulated to the existing directors in advance of their next meeting so that they have advanced notice of this new application.  At that next meeting a decision would be taken whether or not to appoint the applicant as a new director.
  2. Directors failing to attend meetings for three months with no communication with the Chairman or relevant officer will automatically cease to be a Director.



  • To discuss proposals for objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan

JT provided background for future proposals and objectives.  It was felt important to coordinate the Stone Neighbourhood Plan alongside development of Stone Pit II with a view to incorporating CIL monies into the project as a whole.  Previous surveys have provided sufficient questions to gain a good cross section currently and in order to progress the project in a timely fashion it was generally felt that the next round of surveys be put on hold for the present time with significant consultation exercises taking place at the submission stage.


Directors expressed the need for confidence that relevant processes have taken place with regard to public engagement and collation of community views and vision.



  • To determine whether current existing data/evidence is sufficient to support resolution of objectives or whether further consultation with key groups/specific areas needs to be undertaken



  • Protecting green space
  • Enhancing and creating accessibility to green and open spaces
  • How was green space formed and the differences between formal and informal land


  • creation of quality green spaces/consultation with sports clubs incorporating activities for children.
  • protection of Green Space that not only enhances its value to the community, it increases accessibility and promotes sustainable informal and/or formal recreation.
  • a Sport and Leisure Consultation (which encompasses the idea of green and open space) would be worthwhile to ascertain a more detailed response on ‘Green Space’ provision and informal and formal recreation uses.
  • to retain as much green space as is reasonable and protect and enhance where possible.
  • increase accessibility.
  • Retain as much as is possible and reasonable.


Stone Recreation Ground

  • to enable mixed provision to provide and cater for needs of the growing parish and forge links with Stone Pit I.
  • enhancing the current leisure and recreation use of the grounds through improvements to facilities and opportunities to expand and provide further formal playing areas.
  • a Sport and Leisure Consultation (which encompasses the idea of green and open space) would be worthwhile to ascertain a more detailed response on ‘Green Space’ provision and informal and formal recreation uses, i.e. Is there a demand for similar or alternative facilities?
  • this is a well used facility and would benefit from further enhancement. Is there a demand for this?


Ex-landfill sites (Stone Pit I, Stone Pits 5 & 6, Stone Pits 9 & 9a)

  • support for development and use of ex-landfill sites in order to create useful provision for the parish.
  • make available as accessible open space, promoting
    sustainable formal and/or informal recreation and/or community leisure, and eco-schemes including mass tree planting and woodland schemes to improve air-quality and enhance green space.
  • a more detailed assessment of the current land-owners objectives and motives will be key to ensuring a long term sustainable plan which will achieve in worthwhile and usable green space. Land Logical have expressed some great ideas and motives, it would be advantageous to pull them together with the other land-owners and this plan.
  • make areas available as public open spaces. Set out measures to counteract air pollution possibly through consultation.
  • liaise with Land Logical regarding Stone Pit I. Possibly look at a tree planting plan and look to how pits could be utilised.
  • There is evidence of demand for green space. Maybe a need for a targeted consultation on remedying air pollution with tree planting.


Stone Lodge

  • support development of vital infrastructure which aids the local community.
  • Promote key recreational use of which the core Dartford Strategy has set at 75%. This should be of local, community benefit.
  • KCC’s proposal for a secondary school would give a mix of buildings and open space (playing fields) but would also generate extra traffic. DBC’s plan for a mixed housing and POS would be much the same but less traffic.
  • as expressed by Land Logical, until a clear outline of the plan for Stone Lodge is presented, all other adjoining developments and proposals are delayed, and the potential to have unity and connection between the sites reduces.

** can the plan look to hold Dartford BC, and any prospective developer, to ensure a 25% – 75% share is realised, and that the recreational benefit (the 75%) is available to the community in Stone??

  • the possible inclusion of a secondary school and mix of buildings may generate more traffic. possible consultation with KCC.
  • ensure optimum and accessible leisure facilities.
  • Ensure the eventual development provides optimum and accessible leisure activities and abuts appropriately with Stone Pt 1.


Pocket parks, communal gardens, grass verges

  • strategic placement of grass verges and protect pocket parks and communal gardens from development and enhance where possible.
  • These are valued and should be included in all new development to increase quality of life.
  • promote maintenance and improvements


Air Quality

  • determine specific quota of trees per dwelling or car parking space. This would be more relevant in troubled areas.  Study hotspots to conclude specific locations.
  • promote improvement through tree planting schemes and accessibility to existing green spaces.
  • improve areas and woodland where possible.
  • Government data regarding current respiratory difficulties. Check to see how this data may be substantiated and determine quota of trees required to make a difference to this issue.



  • look at design characteristics and aim to combine design and material aspects with a contemporary approach using original materials.
  • improving accessibility in the parish:

(a) ACTIVELY – with pedestrians in mind, including improved footpaths and pavements, more walkways and safe-lit paths, and resolving common parking problems which cause unsafe areas around schools and outside shops and other services.

(b) DIRECTLY – with partnerships in the local community to ensure sustainable recreational uses of green open spaces.


HOUSING – General Objectives

  • ensure provision caters for lifetime. There is a need to speak to specific groups to determine individual needs.
  • Where land is suitable for development, to restrict density so that housing is compatible with existing development and facilities; and to ensure adequate provision of facilities such as doctors’ surgeries, schools etc.
  • a maximum threshold on density of housing that is reflected with an increase in expectation on open space allowances.
  • suitable land for use and restrict professional use whilst providing adequate provision.
  • We need a policy on aesthetics, height and housing mix which includes the appropriate provision of open spaces.


Tenure Mix (who should housing be built for?)

  • need to consider sheltered accommodation, retirees and new young homeowners with regard to key worker provision in the form of teachers/doctors/nurses etc. There is also a desire to help youth of Stone to enable them to purchase new homes.
  • low cost affordable housing that reflects the first-time buyer demographic of current Stone residents (e.g. flats and small starter homes), at one end, and retirement accommodation at the other end. We should look to minimise all other housing types within these key development areas (which will inevitably go against the developers’ priority, but will ultimately reflect the community needs)
  • consider variety of residents including first time buyers and retirees.
  • Clear message in existing responses but perhaps need to obtain confirmation in continued consultation process.



  • away from current green space
  • whilst some locations are already determined essentially it is anticipated to request no homes be built on public open spaces.
  • Stone Pit 2 is suitable and has outline pp already. Parts of Stone Lodge are able to be developed if not needed for a school.
  • Stone Pit 2 already has outline planning approval. Stone Lodge is possibly going to be 25% housing.


Scale of development

  • a need for caution with regard to overdevelopment.
  • as above in general objective, a maximum threshold on density of housing that is reflected with an increase in expectation on open space allowances.
  • VW – need for capacity to comment on density as residents feel there is adequate housing currently.
  • If we have the capacity to have a say on density of developments, then this would be very valuable.


Design & layout

  • to incorporate a design that enhances our existing local services and key community areas, whilst providing new local services and improved accessibility within and around the parish.
  • If compatible with NDP, such things as cycle tracks, adequate off-road parking, inclusion of playground areas and height restrictions depending on location.
  • bicycle track/off-road parking and height restrictions.
  • design would hopefully dictate aesthetics.
  • traffic flow through new developments should be a key consideration.
  • It would be great to have an objective on this – maybe relating to aesthetics, height and open space provision.



  • Ease of movement on foot, by bike, by car and public transport.
  • improved accessibility for pedestrians and enhancing public footpaths and pavements (ease of movement between services – young and elderly in mind, i.e. shop to bank, school to park)
  • Support for sustainable travel movements which are not reliant cars.
  • encouraging less use of cars.
  • The problem with this is the car is by far the most popular way of getting about but traffic and parking are first and third in local concerns! Encouraging less use of cars and more use of walking/cycling would frustrate the former but help satisfy the latter.


Parking (including parking provision within new developments)

  • ensure provision is sufficient and strategically places.
  • minimum quota for off road car parking provision in new housing developments to be increased to 2 per household.
  • provision for pavement/junction parking enforcements.
  • Improved parking provision e.g. Horn’s Cross and Stone Crossing station. Restrictions on parking on junctions and on pavements where pedestrian movement is forced on to the highway.
  • graduated parking systems incorporated on new developments.
  • Some graduated off-road parking provision e.g. 1 bedroom/1 car space; 2 & 3 bedrooms/2 car spaces


Sustainable travel options

  • requirement for wider bicycle lanes.
  • promotion of new pedestrian routes and safe-lit walkways, improvements to existing pavements and paths; and partnership and collaboration between existing and future developments to ensure accessibility is enhanced.
  • Introduction of cycle tracks on pavement along London Road from Cotton Lane to Horn’s Cross on north side, also within new development.
  • inclusion of bicycle paths on London Road and any new developments.
  • provision for wider pavements.
  • Wider pavements (particularly London Road) with discrete cycle paths.


Public Transport

  • fast Track bus link? Possible new secondary and/or primary school – this must be done with joined up thinking with regards to bus routes and accessibility for high volumes of school children.
  • Main routes to DVH are along Watling Street enabling improved provision from London Road.
  • Bluewater is the most used local facility – these buses stopping locally might encourage less use of cars to get there!
  • Routes 96 and 428 to serve local community by stopping in Stone.



  • enhance local services and infrastructure with increased accessibility and additional services
  • Improve provision of health centres and schools, also community rooms for local needs e.g. toddler groups, youth clubs, drop-in centres.
  • The limited local retail facilities are well used and valued. Stone Pit 2 development will increase local demand.  Therefore maintenance and enhancement of local retail outlets should feature.  Also local doctor and dentist surgeries are insufficient/non-existent.  This needs to be addressed.


Health & wellbeing

  • improved accessibility to green, open space with increased informal and formal recreation opportunities.
  • Significantly improve health centre provision and encourage the establishment of a dental surgery.


Schools & education

  • We need a secondary school and the siting of a new primary school needs to be reviewed.


Shopping & lifestyle

  • Perhaps encourage limited extra retail outlets at Horn’s Cross opposite the Co-op with upgraded parking if the developer is interested.



  • protection of community and parish events, whilst maximising the recreation potential of Stone Recreation Ground, and making further green space available within the parish for further informal and/or formal recreation.
  • To improve the provision of community space in any new development.
  • need for targeted consultation including evidence from residents of Wayerstone Park which lacks this.
  • a Sport and Leisure Consultation (which encompasses the idea of green and open space) would be worthwhile to ascertain a more detailed response on ‘Green Space’ provision and informal and formal recreation uses.
  • Stone Pavilion and Stone Recreation ground are the main recreation and community facilities mentioned. Could this act as an increased focal point for the Parish?


Community activities

  • enhancing parish and community events


Leisure & Recreation

  • maximising the recreation potential of Stone Recreation Ground and greater accessibility to other green space.



  • create a sporting legacy within Stone by creating new pitches and new sports facilities.
  • a Sport and Leisure Consultation (which encompasses the idea of green and open space) would be worthwhile to ascertain a more detailed response on ‘Green Space’ provision and informal and formal recreation uses.



  • To receive information regarding innovative survey software and mapping page technology

This item was deferred and will be discussed at the next meeting.



There were no items proposed for inclusion on the next agenda.


There being no further business the Chairman thanked those present for their attendance and closed the meeting at 21:30.



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