Minutes Published: Meeting of the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Directors held on Monday 22nd February 2016


Minutes of the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Directors Meeting held on Monday 22 February 2016, 7.30pm at the Boardroom, Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Stone DA9 9DS


 DIRECTORS PRESENT:  P Winchester (Chairman), D Bartlett, S Brindley, J Dhesi, K Elliott, G Johnson, M Mitchell, C Olney, C Pearce, J Schofield, J Thomas, and V Winchester


IN ATTENDANCE:  E Mote – Council Coordinator for Stone Parish Council


84/02/16NP:    APOLOGIES 

Apologies for absence were received from J Burrell, R Hogg, K Kelly, C Michaelas, J Mote, and S Thredgle.



No declarations of interest were received.



Directors resolved to approve the minutes for Monday 18 January 2016 as presented.



There were no matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.


The Chairman welcomed new Director J Dhesi to the meeting.



  • To resolve draft Vision Statement

Directors were presented with a proposed Vision Statement for consideration.  Following discussion, the Chairman confirmed that, in broad terms, all members of the group were happy with the content.


  • To resolve draft Plan Objectives

The Chairman wished to determine views in respect of the proposed Plan Objectives and asked Directors to comment individually.


C Pearce wished to check the viability of proposals in respect of affordable homes and wished to determine that all aspects were protected.


J Dhesi spoke specifically in respect of point 4 regarding possible early bird incentives to local residents.  He believes there is a likelihood that developers may not wish to be dictated to with regard to property sales.  J Thomas explained this clause would no doubt relate to a 7 or 14-day period only where prospective local residents may receive a preferential offer.


J Schofield referred to Section 3 of the draft plan objectives. He noted that no leisure centre had been included.  He felt that a café would allow for flexibility to encourage a ‘heart’ of the community, i.e. Stone Pit II and asked if these facilities could be included at its core zone.  Referring to item F3, he observed that adjoining sites would provide enhancement to Stone Recreation Ground.  J Thomas pointed out the potential danger in any proposals relating to community bids.  J Schofield then asked how item D3 would affect St Mary’s Church.  P Winchester requested this item is kept within the plan in order to protect heritage assets.  Work will be carried out to identify current heritage sites.


The Chairman suggested the draft document remains for the time being subject to further investigation. Heritage work will take place and be discussed further at the March meeting.


The Chairman reported that, in principle, the Plan Objectives were resolved by the group with individual comments noted and further investigations carried out.


89/02/16NP:   PROCEDURE

  • To clarify group Terms of Reference regarding basis of disqualification for non-attendance at meetings, specifically whether disqualification for non-attendance for 3 months is automatic or whether submission of apologies during such a period of absence is of relevance in determining disqualification


Directors are also requested to resolve effective commencement date of the above policy


The group had been asked to re-establish Terms of Reference regarding basis of disqualification for non-attendance at meetings, specifically whether disqualification for non-attendance for 3 months is automatic or whether submission of apologies during such a period of absence is of relevance in determining disqualification.


Members determined that the matter in question was that, would failure to attend three consecutive meetings with apologies provided or not, result in disqualification?


The group resolved that non-attendance for periods of 3 to 6 months with no apologies or formal communication with the Chairman or relevant officer, would result in the Chairman contacting the absent Director to determine the reason for non-attendance. The Chairman would then report his findings to the group at the next meeting.


Directors agreed to resolve effective commencement of the policy with immediate effect.


All Directors were in agreement with this course of action and the procedure was resolved, effective from 22 February 2016 with the Terms of Reference to be updated accordingly.


  • To resolve timeframe and activities for 3rd round of public consultation to promote vision and draft objectives, and obtain feedback prior to production of formal draft

J Thomas presented the Maptionnaire software for Directors consideration and provided a demonstration of the various capabilities and options.  These include data collation and slider scale to determine public responses; route planner to show residents most frequent journeys or favourite routes.  Software would also be functional for use in schools and local community and could be embedded onto the Neighbourhood Plan website and used in conjunction with tablets.


Directors discussed data security and personal details for public response.  Share capabilities via social media will be utilised if possible as this could be advantageous. Directors resolved to carry out consultation activities via Maptionnaire.


  • To discuss and resolve appointment of Finance Coordinator

The group were requested to appoint a Finance Coordinator to the Neighbourhood Plan Directorship following the post being temporarily filled by K Kelly.  D Bartlett was nominated, seconded and confirmed as the new Finance Coordinator.


90/02/16NP:   FINANCE

  • To further discuss options for procurement of consultants in respect of preparation and submission of draft plan

Directors discussed procurement of consultants to aid in the preparation and submission of the draft plan.  Directors agreed that the plan needs to be airtight with all technical and compliance aspects observed.  It was resolved that the need to eradicate any ambiguity with regard to the plan should be avoided in order that there is no detrimental effect on the parish in the future.  It was also confirmed that professional assistance would adequately deal with complexities in respect of equality and diversity of the plan which would paramount to its success.


  • To resolve expenditure in support of 3rd round of public consultation.

Members discussed timeframe and activities for 3rd round public consultation in order to promote the vision and draft objectives and obtain responses prior to production of the formal draft plan.  It was resolved to purchase the Maptionnaire software in order to carry out the next round of public consultation.


Members suggested an initial sum of £2,000 for social media activities be used to target around 1,000 respondents.  With 10,500 residents in the parish it was thought, in demographic terms that around 2,000 of these residents would be under 18.  Directors expressed the importance of a proportionate approach in order to achieve results.


J Thomas suggested a soft launch of the software on the website in order to gain responses from youth initially.  S Brindley proposed one small advertisement to target test early responses.


Members concluded that further research be carried out with details being present at the next meeting.




  • To receive outline proposals for appointment of consultants in respect of preparation and submission of draft plan


  • To receive update in respect of social media soft launch in respect of Maptionnaire software


  • To resolve future meeting dates for Apr-Jun 2016


The Chairman thanked those present for their attendance and closed the meeting at 21:30.



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