1 – Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Burrell, Cllr Cutler, Cllr Mote, Cllr Canham and Kent County Cllr Cole.


2 – Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

There were no disclosures of pecuniary interests.


3 – Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.


4 – Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting of the Council held Wednesday 21 June 2023 were approved.


5 – Reports from outside organisations and agencies


5.1 – Kent County Council

Councillor Cole sent apologies but provided members with a link to a recent Newsletter by Kent County Council, which outlined recent news.

Link to the KCC Newsletter that has been sent to residents.

Members resolved to note Councillor Cole’s report.


5.2 – Dartford Borough Council

There were no Dartford Borough Councillors present.


6 – Consultations

6.1 – Kent Community Warden Service Review

The following message was sent on behalf of the Kent Community Warden Service Review.

Members were presented with the recent Kent Community Warden Service Review Consultation. The importance of the warden service was discussed, but members questioned the viability of having such reduced numbers for large areas as was proposed.

Members felt that the severely reduced number of wardens proposed would mean that they were no longer able to represent a community and provide that connection between the residents who need the service and the service providers.

Members resolved to distribute the consultation to members and Parish residents to allow them to respond individually.

Information on the consultation can be found at kent.gov.uk/communitywardenreview


6.2 – Kent Family Hub Services Public Consultation

Members discussed the Kent Family Hub Services Consultation, information for which can be found here www.kent.gov.uk/familyhubservices

Members discussed the proposals and felt that it would not be a bit benefit to the Stone Parish area. Members felt that it seemed to mainly be a way to signpost residents to the appropriate service.

As Stone Parish Council’s own Community Needs Survey is set to be distributed in the next month, members felt that this would provide a better opportunity to learn what the public needs are for the area.

6.3 – Major Urban Park at Whitecliffe

Major Urban Park at Whitecliffe

Members discussed these plans and felt that it seemed to be a very nice park that will improve the area, however it was felt that it is a rather introverted plan that does not currently look at existing communities and how to link with them.

Members felt that some constructive use could connect neighbouring communities with Ebbsfleet and the proposed park at Whitecliffe.


7 – Submission of Motion to the KALC AGM

To consider the submission of a motion for consideration at the forthcoming Kent Association of Local Council’s Annual General Meeting.

Members were provided with a report that looked to propose a motion to the upcoming Kent Association of Local Council’s Annual General Meeting.

The proposed motion was as follows:

Stone Parish Council seeks the dissolution as appropriate, of the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 14 to remove the legislative requirement for an annual parish meeting to be held in a parish where a parish council exists, except if there is a proposal for the potential dissolution of the parish council, or the grouping of a parish with another parish or parishes under a common parish council.

Should support not be forthcoming for dissolution of the requirement, the council seeks legislative amendment of the time constraint period within which an annual parish meeting must be held to enable it to be held at an appropriate time in the year for a meaningful event to take place, subject to it not being more than thirteen months past the last annual parish meeting.

Failing support for any legislative amendments to this schedule, the council requests that the National Association of Local Councils remove any criteria in respect of annual parish meetings from the Local Council Award Scheme.

Members unanimously resolved to approve the submission of the proposed motion to the KALC AGM.


8 – Planning

8.1 – To note the temporary closure of Public footpath DR8.

Kent County Council intends to make an Order the effect of which is to temporarily close Public Footpath DR8 along the rear of Ifield Place, near the railway bridge from the 14 August 2023.

Members resolved to note the temporary closure of the public footpath DR8.


8.2 – To note the confirmation of public path order for DR9

Members were presented with the notification documents for the diversion of the DR9 footpath.

Members resolved to note the confirmation of the public path order for DR9.


9 – Finance

9.1 – Budget Monitoring Report

Members were provided with a Budget Monitoring Report and accompanying Income & Expenditure Report for the quarter ended 30 June 2023 to note.

Members resolved to note the Budget Monitoring Report.


10 – Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan

10.1 – To note the Stage 3 drawings and updated Cost Plan for the Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan

Members were provided with the Stage 3 drawings which had now been finalised to enable production of an updated cost plan to support the council’s funding negotiations.

The Cost Plan was also provided to members. The Clerk provided clarification on where in the process the Council was and confirmed that the Full Council Meeting in September would include a report on how the Plan would be funded.

Members also noted that as costs for everything are increasing at a high rate, it is important for the scheme to progress quickly.

Members resolved to note the update on the Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan.


There being no further business, the Chairperson closed the meeting at 20:10.