Councillors Present

Cllr K Kelly – Chairman

Cllr S Thredgle – Vice Chair

Cllr L Canham

Cllr P Cutler

Cllr J Fukes

Cllr K Grehan

Cllr J Hoadley

Cllr L Howes

Cllr J McQueen

Cllr M Mitchell

Cllr C Pearce


In Attendance

J Thomas – Parish Clerk

E Shrubsole – Responsible Finance Officer

L McLean – Council Administrator

58/03/21CL: To receive apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr J Burrell and KCC Cllr P Cole

59/03/21CL: To receive declarations of interest

No declarations of interest were received

60/03/21CL: Questions from the public

There were no Questions from members of the public.

61/03/21CL: To approve the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held Wednesday 17 February 2021

The minutes of the Meeting of the Council held Wednesday 17 February 2021 were approved.

62/03/21CL: To receive reports from outside organisations and agencies

  1. Kent Police

PCSO Steve Keers attended the meeting and informed members of the work being done by Kent Police in the area. There have been several cases of anti-social behaviour and some burglary attempts. PCSO Keers also confirmed that there would be a larger police presence in the area as 4 new PCSOs had now been trained and would be on patrol. One of these PCSOs would be in the Stone area in the evenings.


There are also plans for a youth engagement officer to start work at the beginning of April, to help with the new Stone Lodge School opening.


Members were introduced to the new PCSO and thanked PCSO Keers for his report and the introduction.


  1. Kent County Councillors Report

Cllr P Cole was unavailable to provide a report to members.


  1. Dartford Borough Councillor’s Report

Dartford Borough Councillors had nothing to report and confirmed all meetings were being held remotely.

63/03/21CL:  To resolve implementation of a Diversity and Inclusion calendar to take effect from April 2021

Members were presented with a report that outlined a series of dates and events for council commemoration in line with the council’s strategic plan commitment to equality and diversity.

Members discussed the dates and events proposed and felt there were more events they would like to see included to comprise a comprehensive calendar.

Members were encouraged to inform staff of any events or celebrations they would like to be considered.

Members resolved to defer this item for approval at the April meeting, once further consideration of relevant dates has been made.


64/03/21CL: To note review of internal controls and risk management arrangements

Members were provided with an updated  internal controls and risk management arrangements following recent review.

Members highlighted a reference on the document relatig to the allotments that was no longer relevant. The RFO confirmed this would be amended and sent out to Members for information.

Members resolved to approve the internal controls and risk management arrangements subject to the amendment relating to the allotments.

65/03/21CL: Payments for Authorisation

Members were provided with a list of supplier payment for authorisation.

Members resolved to approve the payments for authorisation.

66/03/21CL: Consultations

Members were  requested to resolve the Council’s response to the Dartford Local Plan 2021

Members were pleased to note that the Dartford Local Plan 2021 contains several policies that align with  the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan and were therefore keen to confirm support of these accordingly.

Members resolved to delegate response to the Clerk  which highlighted these similarities and confirmed Council support for the plan.

67/03/21CL: To note responses to Planning Applications under delegated authority since the last Council Meeting

Planning Application Description Council Response
21/00175/FUL – 2 Warner House Cotton Lane Provision of an enclosed side access to basement, cover to front light well and engineering works to garden No observation made.
21/00163/LDC – 25 Almond Road Dartford Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for proposed dormer window in rear elevation, roof lights in front roof slope and window in gable end. No observation made.
20/01479/FUL – Asda RDC Unit 8 Galleon Boulevard Crossways Revised access and egress arrangement for vehicles to site access. No effect on public access or roads. No observation made.
21/00262/LDC – 7 Tollgate Road Dartford Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for proposed change of use of existing family dwelling (C3) to supported living (C3b) (single household for six residents with care provided) No observation made.
21/00256/LDC – 106 Kirby Road Dartford Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for proposed dormer window in rear elevation and roof lights in front elevation in connection with providing additional rooms in the roof space No observation made.
21/00242/FUL – 85 Hedge Place Road Greenhithe Erection of a detached garden room No observation made.

Members noted the planning application responses.

68/03/21CL: To resolve Council Response to Planning Applications


21/00215/FUL – Stone Lodge School Cotton Lane Stone DA2 6PD

Temporary use of land for the siting of 2 no. two storey modular classroom block for Stone Lodge School (including retention of the existing 2 storey school building), play areas, hardstanding, perimeter fence and associated structures (required for 1 academic year – from September 2021 until end of August 2022)

Members unanimously resolved to respond with no objections to this proposal.


21/00346/FUL – Aquapark – Lake 5 Bluewater Shopping Centre

Construction of an aqua park for temporary use between July and October 2021 and May to October 2022 including of one inflatable obstacle course split into three sections and other water-based activities with nine 20ft containers and three 40ft containers on the adjacent land to provide: a reception; site office; staff room; a first aid room; customer changing rooms, showers and toilets and wetsuit storage areas with associated fencing. Also provision of an ancillary café for use from July 2021 until October 2022.

Members discussed the application and noted many members of the public had raised concerns about the effect on the wildlife trail and the biodiversity of the area.

Members unanimously agreed to object to the application on the grounds of a possible negative effect to the ecology and biodiversity of the lake and nature trail. Members also noted that it was contrary to policy HW3 of the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan which says that any development should protect or improve the network of walking and cycling routes.

69/03/21CL: Exclusion of Press & Public

To resolve, pursuant to section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, the public and the press leave the meeting during consideration of the following items.

70/03/21CL: To resolve Council’s planned response to Operation London/Menai/Forth Bridge

Members were provided with a report that set out proposals for action in the event of one of the above operations being enacted.

Members were in agreement with all proposals contained in the report and understood these may be subject to any ongoing restrictions due to COVID.

Members unanimously resolved proposals as outlined in the report.

71/03/21CL: To resolve award of tender for a new tractor for the Grounds department

Members were presented with details of four tenders that had been received by the deadline for supply of a new tractor following advertisement on the governments Contract Finder website.

Members were appraised of the scoring assessment of each tender based on the specification, deadline and budget constraints.

Members discussed the variable factors among tenders received As weight was heaviest in respect of delivery date and specification, it was felt that one tender in particular matched requirements above any other.

As such, members unanimously decided to award the tender for supply of a tractor to Lister Wilder at a cost of £39,850 + vat.

Members resolved expenditure of £39,850.00 + vat from the Community Infrastructure Levy Fund.