1 – Election of Chair

Members were asked for nominations for Chairperson of the Community Engagement, Wellbeing & Events Committee for 2023-2024. Councillor Canham nominated Councillor Thredgle. This was seconded by Councillor Oliver. There were no other nominations and members unanimously voted to elect Councillor Thredgle as Chairperson of the Community Engagement, Wellbeing & Events Committee for 2023-2024.


2 – Election of Vice-Chair

The Chairperson asked for nominations for Vice-Chairperson of the Community Engagement, Wellbeing & Events Committee for 2023-2024. Councillor Oliver nominated Councillor Hoadley. This was seconded by Councillor Thredgle. There were no other nominations and members unanimously voted to elect Councillor Hoadley as Vice Chairperson of the Community Engagement, Wellbeing & Events Committee for 2023-2024.


3 – Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Burrell and Councillor Hoadley.


4 – Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

There were no disclosures of pecuniary interests.



5 – Public Participation

No member of the public wished to speak at the meeting.



6 – Approval of Minutes

The minutes for the Meeting of the Community Engagement & Events Committee for Wednesday 8 March 2023 were approved.



7 – Committee Terms of Reference & Annual Work Plan

Members were presented with the Committee Terms of Reference and an Annual Work Plan relevant to Committee activity.


Members resolved to note the committee Terms of Reference and annual work plan relevant to committee activity.


8 – Community Engagement & Events



8.1 – To consider review of Spring 2023 Community Events and resolve recommendation


Members were presented with a report that outlined the events activity for Spring 2023 and the feedback received from users of these events.


Members commented on the large amount of users of the events and it was agreed that for future reports, the number of attendees would be included. It was also mentioned that the number of people who provided feedback was a relatively low percentage so efforts should be made to increase this as possible.


Members discussed the need to use methods other than social media to advertise future events to ensure nobody misses out and recommended that officers investigate the possibility of having a notice board at St Clements Lakes.


It was noted that the cycling club currently has a few regular attendees and it is hoped that the number will increase over time. The walking club on Thursdays has not had further uptake and members suggested that the possibility of themed walks that focus on the history of areas of Stone is investigated and possibly a local bird watcher to make walks more interesting.


Members requested that for Christmas, a small lights switch-on event is included with the choir, Santa and potentially providing a free hot chocolate. Members felt that this would encourage residents who may not be able to afford other events to attend.


8.2 – To note details of Summer 2023 Community Events

Members were presented with a report on the details of upcoming summer events for 2023. Members also felt discussion should be had on the potential of bringing back Stone Fete in some form. Officers advised that this would need to be its own item on the next committee agenda to allow it to be explored fully.


Members resolved to note the details of the Summer 2023 Community Events.


8.3 – To consider & resolve Community Needs Survey 2023

Members were presented with a report and appendices that provided details regarding the proposed Community Needs Survey 2023 and respective consultation activity to support preparation of a new strategic plan.


Members were keen to ensure wording on the survey is clear that it is just consultation at this stage. It was also agreed that the members would receive the survey prior to its distribution to allow them to answer any questions that residents might then approach them with.


Members resolved to approve the proposed Community Needs Survey 2023.

9 – Community Wellbeing



9.1 – Youth Services

Over the past 9 months, the council has been in active talks with youth service providers to ensure the best provision for the residents of Stone Parish. Most recently, Jane Relf, the Youth Hub Delivery Manager at Bridge 4 Young People went through the KCC consultation that was open at the time that would impact on youth service provision.

The current youth service provision consists of;
Tuesday 4:30pm – 6:30pm: Mobile Youth Hub from Bridge 4 Young People at Stone Recreation Ground
Wednesday 2:30pm – 4:30pm: Stone Lodge School (Play Place)
Wednesday 5:00pm – 7:00pm: Stone Baptist Church (Play Place)
Thursday 4:30pm – 5:30pm: Stone Recreation Ground (Play Place)
Friday 7:00pm – 9:00pm: Stone Pavilion Youth Club

The council also facilitates a number of other weekly youth activities/services through the venue hire of Stone Pavilion and The Claire Tiltman Centre.


Members felt that the concept of a Youth Club may seem antiquated and that the difficulty in drawing youths in may be that they do not feel a youth club is what they need. The current contract with Playplace is for a Youth Club to be provided, but discussions could be had on how it could be rebranded and what else could be done on these sessions, such as taster sessions of other clubs and activities.


Members did agree that there could be potential when the youth contract was up for renewal that the Council could subsidize Youth activities that are more tailored to what the youths are looking for. The Community Needs Survey results would hopefully guide the Council on what these needs are.


Members resolved to note the update on Youth Services.


9.2 – Senior Services

Seniors of Stone (SoS) takes place on the last Friday of each month. The group consists of 40 members with over 30 members regularly in attendance at each session. Each month there is a different theme.

The council also supports other services for seniors through hiring Stone Pavilion. This includes exercise classes and falls prevention classes.


Members requested that a different variety of refreshments be provided at the Seniors of Stone events.


Members resolved to note the update on Senior Services.


9.3 – Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives

As mentioned in the review of events report, there is a need to review how the council actively engages residents in the programme of healthy lifestyle initiatives that are run each week. Currently the council runs a weekly cycling group and had previously run a walk and talk group. We hope to launch a WalkFit class in August.

Cooking on a Budget classes will also be starting shortly, as part of the KCC Multiply Project.


Members resolved to note the Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives.


There being no further business the Chairperson closed the meeting at 19:57.