Date 25/08/2021
Time 19:00 – 19:42
Location Castle Hall, Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Stone DA9 9DS
Present Councillor Stephanie Thredgle (Chair), Councillor Paul Cutler, Councillor Margaret Mitchell, Councillor Jeanne Hoadley, Councillor Julie Fukes, Councillor Lesley Howes, Councillor J Burrell


J Thomas (Parish Clerk), S Greenhead (PA to Parish Clerk), L McLean (Council Administrator)



Apologies Councillor Lucy Canham, Councillor Keith Kelly, Councillor J McQueen, Councillor Kelly Grehan, Councillor Claire Pearce, Councillor Tom Oliver (DBC) and Cllr P Cole (KCC)


38/08/21CL: Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr L Canham, Cllr K Kelly, Cllr J McQueen, Cllr K Grehan, Cllr C Pearce, Cllr T Oliver of Dartford Borough Council and Cllr P Cole of Kent County Council.


39/08/21CL: Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

There were no declarations of interest.


40/08/21CL: Public Participation

Members of the public in attendance asked to hold their input until the relevant item.


41/08/21CL: Approval of Minutes

The Council resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 21 July 2021.

42/08/21CL: Reports from other authorities and agencies

To receive reports from representatives of other authorities and agencies

  1. Kent Police

No report was provided by Kent Police.

  1. Kent County Council

A written report was provided by Cllr P Cole regarding local KCC issues including the bus stop on Cotton Lane, The one-way system on Hill House Road and youths swimming in St Clements Lakes.

  1. Dartford Borough Council

Cllr P Cutler and Cllr J Burrell advised that they had been called to Waterstone Park to discuss noise complaints.


43/08/21CL: London Road lorry parking survey results

Members were presented with a report which laid out the results of the second survey carried out among residents of London Road regarding a potential time-restricted parking scheme.

The survey showed that this was a controversial topic and there was as much support for the scheme as there was against it.

A member of the public suggested a width restriction should be put in place by the Junction 1A approach to Cotton Lane entrance to stop lorries from using London Road as a cut through. The Clerk advised that this would likely be objected to as lorries travelling to the Stone Pit I site are required to use this entrance instead of driving through the village.

Members spoke about the difficulties in solving this issue at a Parish level, particularly without significant support for a parking management scheme, and felt this issue should continue to be addressed by KCC Highways from a safety perspective.

Resolved: Members resolved to contact KCC Highways to request address regarding HGV’s using the road and the safety issues caused by those that park on London Road.


44/08/21CL: Playground Launch Event

Members were presented with the details for the Playground Launch Event set for Monday 20 August. Cllr Thredgle urged any members who had not volunteered to help, to do so and noted that it was very pleasing to see so many people using the playground.

Resolved: The Council noted the details of the Playground Launch Event.


45/08/21CL: Claire Tiltman Centre Launch and Annual Parish Meeting

Members were provided with the date of the launch for the Claire Tiltman Centre on 6th October 2021. Members were informed that the building was scheduled for practical completion around 1st September 2021 and were invited to visit the building ahead of its official opening.

Resolved: Members noted the date of the launch of the Claire Tiltman Centre and Annual Parish Meeting.


46/08/21CL: Adoption of Polices and Procedures

  1. To formally adopt the community engagement policy
  2. To formally adopt the disciplinary and grievance procedures
  3. To formally adopt the freedom of information and data protection policy
  4. To formally adopt the revised grant award policy

Members were provided copies of the proposed new policies for adoption.

Resolved: The Council resolved unanimously to adopt the policies as written.


47/08/21CL: Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS) Application

  1. To resolve that all documentation and information is in place to meet the LCAS Quality Gold award requirements
  2. To resolve confirmation that, as part of the LCAS evidence required, all council staff are employed under an appropriate employment contract
  3. To resolve that the council will be submitting an application for accreditation at the LCAS Quality Gold level

Members were provided the application form and portfolio of evidence to be used in the submission of the Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS).

The LCAS is administered by NALC and is designed to recognise achievement by local councils and set a framework for their continuous improvement. There are 3 levels – foundation (where the council is meeting the minimum standards), quality (where the council demonstrates good practice) and quality gold (which is for the council who is operating at the forefront of best practice, achieving excellence in governance, community leadership and community development.

In line with the key objectives of the Strategic Plan, the Council intends to submit an application at the highest level, the Quality Gold standard.

Members recognised the effort that had been put in to provide this information and thanked the officers for their hard work.

Resolved: The Council resolved that all documentation and information is in place to meet the LCAS Quality Gold award requirements.


The Council resolved that all Council staff are employed under an appropriate employment contract.


The Council resolved to submit an application for accreditation at the LCAS Quality Gold level.


48/08/21CL: Planning Applications

Members were presented with details of planning applications responded to by officers in line with the council’s scheme of delegation.

Planning Application
Council Response
opens in a new window21/01043/FUL            8 Capstan Court Crossways Business Park Dartford Kent DA2 6QG
Erection of a demountable freezer facility within existing parking area to the west of the existing building and installation of replacement perimeter fencing
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/01126/TPO – 11 Jepson Drive Stone Kent DA2 6FR
Application for T1 to reduce 1 X Chestnut Tree by 2.0/2.5 metres (intended finished dimensions from 14m in height to 12m in height) subject to Tree Preservation Order No.1 1998
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/01207/FUL – 30 Clarendon Gardens Dartford Kent DA2 6EZ
Alterations to roof from hip end to barn end for provision of a dormer window in side elevation and roof lights in other side elevation in connection with providing additional room sin the roof space
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/01271/FUL – 4 Elstar Mews Greenhithe Kent DA9 9WU
Provision of roof lights in front and rear elevations, relocation of solar panels on rear elevation in connection with providing additional rooms in the roof space
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/01270/FUL – 2 Elstar Mews Greenhithe Kent DA9 9WU
Provision of roof lights in front and rear elevations, relocation of solar panels on rear elevation in connection with providing additional rooms in the roof space
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/01289/FUL – 6A Steele Avenue Greenhithe Kent DA9 9PH
Erection of a single storey side extension
No observation made.

Resolved: The council noted applications responded by officers under the council’s scheme of delegation


49/08/21CL: Authorisation of Payments

Members were provided with a schedule of supplier invoices due for payment.

Resolved: The Council authorised the list of payments as outlined.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 7:42pm.