Councillors Present

Cllr K Kelly – Chairman

Cllr S Thredgle – Vice Chairman

Cllr L Canham

Cllr P Cutler

Cllr J Fukes

Cllr K Grehan

Cllr J Hoadley

Cllr L Howes

Cllr J McQueen

Cllr M Mitchell

Cllr C Pearce



Officers Present

J Thomas – Parish Clerk

Eudeen Shrubsole – RFO

Luke Mclean – Council Administrator


29/01/21CL: To receive apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr J Burrell.

30/01/21CL: To accept declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.

31/01/21CL: To discuss and resolve draft three-year strategic plan and budget

Members received the draft strategic plan which sets out the priorities of the council for the next three years. The objectives of the plan correspond to the needs and demands and aspirations of the community and include provision for addressing the climate emergency, improving air quality and the public realm, and building resilience and bridging local inequalities

The plan is designed to be sufficiently detailed to enable the council to plan both financially and from a resource perspective to ensure the goals can be achieved.

Members noted that a final round of public consultation would be carried out to receive feedback on proposals ahead of final approval and adoption in March.

Members noted the detailed work done on both the plan and the budget which shows clearly the goals of the council for the next three years, as well as how this will be financed.

The Chairman praised the Clerk and the RFO on the documents produced and confirmed there was nothing that warranted amendment and would be a great achievement for the council and the parish. Members were keen that the budget continue to be reviewed annually to respond as necessary if the financial climate changes.

Councillor P Cutler asked that the minutes record that as Community Infrastructure Levy becomes available to the Parish Council, members will be able to review and use this CIL money to pay back portions of the loan.

Members resolved unanimously to approve the draft strategic plan and corresponding three-year budget to form the basis of a public consultation ahead of formal adoption


32/01/21CL: To confirm the precept request for 2021-2022

Members were requested to resolve the annual precept request for 2021-22, in line with the three-year budget.

The budget proposed a precept sum of sum of £439,136.

Members acknowledged the current financial difficulties being experienced by many people due to the COVID pandemic and, as such, were keen to not impact this further.

The council tax base for 2021-22 was confirmed as 4,201.86. The Council Tax Support Grant was confirmed at £7,021, unchanged from 2020-21. The S136 Grant which was nil in 2020-21remains the same.

Taking into account the respective sums, the budget maintained an annual charge of £104.51 for a Band D property, representing no increase to parish residents.


Members unanimously agreed this budget.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 19:16