The council has adopted a formal procedure for complaints.

How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint regarding the Council, its services or facilities please contact the Council office where someone will be pleased to assist you.

You can contact us in a number of ways, either by visiting the office, by telephone, post, fax or email.

Complaints of a serious matter should be made in writing to the Clerk or in the case of a complaint against the Clerk to the Chairman. Complaints regarding staff or councillors MUST be made in writing.

How the Council will deal with your complaint

When a complaint is received it will be logged, acknowledged and passed to the Clerk to the Council.

The Clerk will determine the seriousness and urgency of the complaint and the action to be taken. This may be any of the following:-

  • A response issued by the Clerk
  • The issue raised on an appropriate agenda for Council discussion
  • Details of the complaint passed to the relevant authority if the responsibility is not within the Parish Council’s remit (of which you will be notified)

Council officers will try to deal fairly and in confidence and do their best to:

  • sort out any problems
  • try to ensure they do not recur
  • improve on services

If the complaint is justified the officer will:

  • provide a written apology
  • take corrective action

If a complaint requires a Council decision, the Clerk will advise the complainant and place the matter before the Council at the earliest opportunity. The Clerk will then carry out the action required in accordance with the decision of the Council.

If a complaint is made against a member of staff, this will be thoroughly investigated and, if appropriate, dealt with in accordance with the Council’s disciplinary or other relevant procedure.

If a complaint is made against the Clerk, this will be passed to the Chairman of the Council to investigate and, if appropriate, dealt with in accordance with the disciplinary procedure.

If the complainant is still unhappy at the conclusion and outcome of the investigations, they may request a meeting with Members of the Council to discuss the matter further.

How long the process will take

  • Initial acknowledgement of complaint within 7 days confirming how the complaint will be dealt with
  • A response, if appropriate, from the Clerk within 14 days
  • A decision from the relevant committee or Council within 30 days