Red defibrillatorStone Parish Council is pleased to announce that they have funded a defibrillator which will be based at Stone Pavilion.

The life-saving piece of equipment increases the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest from 6% to 74% when used alongside CPR in the first 3-5minutes.

All council officers and Stone Pavilion staff received training in using the defibrillator alongside effective CPR. However, the Rescue SAM defibrillator has been designed to be extremely simple to use so that any member of the public can use the device without any prior CPR or first aid experience.

When operating the defibrillator, users are guided through each step of resuscitation with lit-up visual instructions on the main interface together with loud and clear voice prompts. Its on-board ECG scans the rhythm of a patient’s heart beat before determining whether to deliver a shock or prompt the user to continue CPR.

After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces someone’s chance of survival by 10 per cent.

Council chairman, Cllr John Burrell said: “I am very pleased that council members agreed to fund this piece of equipment. While I hope it never needs to be used it greatly increases the chance of someone surviving a cardiac arrest while waiting for the emergency services to arrive”.

If you would like to find out more about how to perform CPR or watch a tutorial for a defibrillator please follow the links below;

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