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At the recent Stone Parish Council Community Engagement & Events Committee meeting Kent Police provided councillors with an update on the work that has been taking place in order to bring the street racing and dangerous driving taking place in the Crossways area of Stone Parish to a halt.

Following Dartford Borough Council’s implementation of a Public Spaces Protection Order and the establishment of ANPR cameras along Crossways Boulevard Kent Police have been able to issue a number of fines (a total of 40 so far) for breaches of this PSPO. Issuing these penalty notices has confirmed that vehicles are coming from far and wide to attend these car meets. The action taken by Kent Police appears to be working as reports of incidents have significantly dropped.

Council members thanked the representatives from Kent Police for taking the time to update Members on the progress being made as they are aware it has been causing significant distress for a number of residents.

Residents are encouraged to report any ongoing or new concerns by either reporting them online via Report | Kent Police or by calling 101.