The word councillor with partial definitionDo you care about where you live? Are you passionate about your community? If so, you could make a great local
councillor. Stand for election and make a local change.

Local elections will be taking place on Thursday 2nd May 2019. The role of a councillor is very varied and involves contributing to decisions on local policies and issues affecting residents. Council and committee meetings are held approximately once a month and, on average, being a councillor requires around 10 hour’s commitment per month.

Being a councillor is a fantastic way to get involved in real grass roots democracy and influence local services and facilities for the benefit of the community. The Council is involved with some exciting projects including the building of the Claire Tiltman Centre, a plethora of community events including the annual Stone Fete, and development of local facilities for use by the community.

In order to be eligible, potential councillors must fulfil eligibility criteria: they must be a British or Commonwealth citizen, over 21 and on the Electoral Roll. In addition, he/she must either have lived or worked in or within three miles of the parish.

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