The council’s grant scheme is designed to provide support to local groups and 

organisations delivering services to the community of Stone Parish. 


The council is keen to offer funding to enable specific projects, activities, or events to be supported to enhance such provision and promote an enduring community network in the borough which endeavours to ensure that funding for community development is focused on supporting a sustainable network of local neighbourhood groups. 


Funding should not be requested to support general activities as the council is keen to see that organisations are financially sustainable, and that where possible, any grants will enhance rather than sustain services. 


All applications will be considered on merit and with consideration to the impact that the activity or project will have on the parish. A stipulated deadline for submission will be given in respect of each application. 

 Apply for a grant award

The policy is designed to encourage the greatest possible level of participation by local people in project development and in discussion about issues that affect them. The Council believes that the best chance for building lasting projects comes from developing capacity at local neighbourhood level. 


Eligibility criteria requires organisations to provide the following information: 


Brief description of the aims and objectives of organisation; Date organisation established; How many of organisation’s members reside in Stone; Details of grants received from Stone Parish Council, or any other source, in the last three years; Purpose of grant and total cost of proposed project; a full set of accounts submitted with form to prevent application from being rejected as incomplete; an obligation to generate media coverage of the award. 


Equality Statement 

Stone Parish Council supports and adheres to the principles of equality of opportunity for all its citizens and visitors and is committed to assisting the maximum number of projects and groups which it can through regular advertising of available funding, giving maximum assistance and advice to all applicants.