Date & Time: Wednesday 18th January 2018 – 19:00
Location: Boardroom, Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Stone DA9 9DS

Councillors to attend: John Burrell, Lucy Canham, Shaun Cummings, Paul Cutler, Mandy Garford, Jeanne Hoadley, Keith Kelly, Sue Martin, Margaret Mitchell, Emma Morley, Claire Pearce, Stephanie Thredgle,

Parish Clerk: Jennie Thomas
Note Taker: Ellen Mote

49/01/18CL | Apologies For Absence | To note 2 mins

50/01/18CL | Declarations of Interest | To note 2 mins

51/01/18CL | To accept questions from the public | To discuss 5 mins

52/01/18CL | To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 11 October 2017 | To approve 2 mins View the minutes of the last meeting…

53/01/18CL | Matters arising from minutes of the last meeting | To discuss 5 mins

54/01/18CL | To receive reports from outside organisations and agencies | To note 15 mins

  1. Kent County Councillors’ Reports
  2. Dartford Borough Councillors’ Reports for Stone and Castle
  3. Neighbourhood Policing Team (Kent Police/KCC Community Warden

55/01/18CL | To approve Stone recreation ground Masterplan | To approve 10 mins

56/01/18CL | Approval of Annual Budget for 2018-19 and submission of precept request | To resolve 10 mins

Following consideration and approval by the Finance & Audit committee, the annual council budget for 2018-19 is presented for ratification and adoption. The attached document takes into account final calculations and confirmed tax base for 2018-19 plus reduction in S136 and council tax support grant amounts.

Members are requested to consider the budget shown below, make any budget amendments as necessary and give formal approval and adoption to the 2018-19 budget as outlined, including resulting precept amount.

Recommendation: To resolve formal approval and adoption of the council budget for 2018-19 and submission of precept request to Dartford Borough Council.

57/01/18CL | To consider Council’s draft strategic plan | To consider 10 mins

58/01/18CL | Finance | To resolve 15 mins

  1.  To authorise payments

Full details of payments are provided for member’s approval.

Recommendation: That the Council authorises payments as presented.

59/01/18CL | Planning, Environment & Transport | To resolve 10 min

  1.  To note confirmation of Public Path Order under Highways Act 1980 and Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

Members are requested to note details issued by Kent County Council in respect of public footpath DR1 (parts) Stone Public Path Diversion and Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order 2014

  1.  To consider new planning applications and prepare observation responses to the Local Planning Authority.
  2. a)  DA/17/02082/FUL – Land South of St Mary’s Road Stone Kent DA9 9AG

Erection of 3 No. apartment buildings comprising 68 No. residential units with associated access, parking amenity and landscaping.

Observations deadline: 10 January 2018. Extension for comments requested and granted for 18 January 2018 to allow for member discussion at Full Council Meeting.

Full details for the application may be viewed at:

  1. b)  DA/17/01955/FUL – McDonalds Restaurant Bean Road Greenhithe Kent DA9 9HY

Provision of a new drive thru lane, with side-by-side ordering and the refurbishment of the restaurant, which includes 30.6 sqm of extensions, incorporating new drive thru booths, enlarged freezer/chiller and managers office, with associated works to the site.  New site access/egress, with the relocation of the car park and a new patio area, remote corral at the north of the site, installation of 2 No. customer order displays with associated overhead canopies

Full details for the application may be viewed at:

  1. c)  DA/17/01956/ADV – McDonalds Restaurant Bean Road Greenhithe Kent DA9 9HY

Provision of new signage suite (in connection with separate planning application DA/17/01955/FUL for proposed drive thru layout) comprising 1 No. gateway height restrictor, 10 No. freestanding signs, 1 No. banner unit and 1 No. side-by-side directional

Full details for the application may be viewed at:

  1. d)  DA/17/01957/ADV – McDonalds Restaurant Bean Road Greenhithe Kent DA9 9HY

Display of 1 No. externally illuminated wall mounted “good times” sign


  1. e)  DA/17/01958/ADV – McDonalds Restaurant Bean Road Greenhithe Kent DA9 9HY

Display of 1 No. freestanding internally illuminated 6.5m totem sign

Full details for the application may be viewed at:

  1.  To consider submissions made under officer delegation and note recent decisions made by the planning authority.

December 2017 to January 2018 Planning Report is attached.

60/01/18CL | Council Reports | To note 10 min

  1. Chairman’s Report
  2. Clerk’s Report

61/01/18CL | To conclude items for the next agenda | To resolve 2 min

62/01/18CL | Exclusion of press and public | To resolve 2 min

To resolve, pursuant to section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, the public and the press leave the meeting during consideration of the following items.

63/01/18CL | To resolve staffing restructure plan | To resolve 10 min

64/01/18CL | To receive update regarding contracts for land at Cotton Lane | To note 5 min

65/01/18CL | To execute Crossrail safeguarding transfer of land north of Cotton Lane | To resolve 5 min

66/01/18CL | To receive update regarding installation of CCTV in the Parish | To note 5 min