50/09/21CL: Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Fukes and Cllr T Oliver


51/09/21CL: Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

Councillor L Canham declared an interest in item 58/09/21CL: Community Grant Applications as her husband is an applicant.

52/09/21CL: Public Participation

There were no members of the public present at the meeting.

53/09/21CL: Approval of Minutes

The Council resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 25 August 2021.


54/09/21CL: Reports from other authorities and agencies

To receive reports from representatives of other authorities and agencies

  1. Kent Police

There was no representative from Kent Police present.


2. Kent County Council

Cllr Cole provided a written report to members regarding local issues. These included recent consultations regarding the Household Waste Recycling Centres and Bus Services, the pavement widening at the new bus stop by the Welsh Tavern and long-term solutions to people swimming in St Clements Lakes.

Members thanked Cllr Cole for her report.


3. Dartford Borough Council

No report was provided from Dartford Borough Council.


4. Darent Hospital AGM

Cllr Mitchell provided a report from the Darent Valley Hospital Annual Meeting to members. This included the changes made during the pandemic and the introduction of several new teams to improve Diversity and Equality as well as Anti-bullying awareness. Members thanked Cllr Mitchell for her report.


5. Joint Transport Board


Cllr Thredgle provided a verbal report to members on the recent meeting of the Joint Transport Board. This included the recent introduction of Amazon buses using the fasttrack lanes, the widening of Bob Dunn Way, the introduction of cameras at the Princes Road Roundabout and a reminder to those who have not used their Dart Tag during the pandemic that this may need to be reapplied for.

Members thanked Cllr Thredgle for her report.

55/09/21CL: Clerk’s Report

A report was presented to members providing an update on the following projects: Claire Tiltman Centre, New Playground at Stone Recreation Ground, the opening of Lizzies Café and the hiring of two new members of support staff.

Resolved: To note the Parish Clerk’s Report.


56/09/21CL: Parish Speed Indicator Device

Cllr Grehan presented members with information regarding the Speed Indicator Device Scheme from Kent County Council. Members discussed residents’ concerns over traffic safety. Members discussed various options and the costs involved.

Resolved: Members unanimously resolved to investigate the cost of speed watch equipment and recruiting volunteers to facilitate a local speed watch scheme prior to considering purchase of camera equipment.

57/09/21CL: Kent Plan Bee

Members discussed the important work being done with the Kent Plan Bee Scheme to mobilise people to act to improve the habitat and food sources of the rapidly declining population of these pollinators.

The Stone Parish Council grounds team have already completed rewilding on several of our sites including 500sqm on the recreation ground and 250sqm at Stone Castle Park.

With the Claire Tiltman Centre planned to be an environmentally friendly and educational site, there will be opportunities to ensure that bees and other pollinators are encouraged and looked after.

Resolved: Members unanimously approved their support for the Kent Plan Bee Scheme and resolved to keep the scheme in mind for all future projects.


58/09/21CL: Community Grant Applications

Members were presented with the applications for the Community Grant Scheme.

Resolved: Members resolved to award £335 to Dartford Stone Scout Group (Elm Cub Pack) and £360.10 to 1st Stone Guides.


59/09/21CL: Authorisation of Payments

Full details of payments were provided to the members.

Resolved: Members authorised the list of payments as outlined.


60/09/21CL: Planning Applications

  1.  To resolve representations to Major Planning Applications affecting the parish

Members were presented with details for the planning application 21/01349/FUL – Land At Dartford International Ferry Terminal Clipper Boulevard Dartford Kent DA2 6QN

Demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide three Class B8 (storage and distribution) buildings with associated access, servicing, parking, and landscaping.

Resolved: Members resolved to respond to the application and request that the acoustic screening is erected prior to the start of the works and that there are no breaches of working hours, due to adverse impact and inconvenience being incurred by residents from adjacent schemes.


2. To note representations by officers made under the council’s scheme of delegation

Members were presented with a list of representations made by officers on behalf of the Council.

Planning Application
Council Response
opens in a new window21/01414/FUL –  208 Watling Street Stone Kent DA2 6EW
Erection of a single storey side/rear extension and front porch
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01413/FUL – 30 Hayes Road Horns Cross Kent DA9 9DW
Erection of a two storey side extension
No Observation Made

Resolved: To note the representations made under the scheme of delegation


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8:33pm.