Councillors Present

Cllr K Kelly – Chairman

Cllr S Thredgle – Vice Chairman

Cllr J Burrell

Cllr L Canham

Cllr P Cutler

Cllr J Fukes

Cllr K Grehan

Cllr J Hoadley

Cllr L Howes

Cllr J McQueen

Cllr M Mitchell

In Attendance

J Thomas – Parish Clerk

E Shrubsole – Responsible Finance Officer

L McLean – Council Administrator


72/04/21CL: To receive apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr C Pearce.


73/04/21CL: To receive declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.


74/04/21CL: Questions from the public

There were no questions from members of the public.


75/04/21CL: To approve the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held Wednesday 17 March 2021

The minutes of the Meeting of the Council held Wednesday 17 March 2021 were approved.


76/04/21CL: To receive reports from outside organisations and agencies

  1. Kent Police

Members received a written report from PCSO S Keers with the crime statistics for the last month. Members noted the report.


  1. Kent County Councillors Report

Cllr P Cole reported that parking and poor road condition at St Mary’s Road was ongoing. She noted the proposals to build flats on Barley Close contained plans to install yellow lines which may alleviate part of the problem.  Cllr Cole also plans to contact developers in the vicinity to ask if they would pay to improve the roads to a level where KCC could then adopt them to instate ongoing future maintenance. Cllr Cole confirmed she would keep Councillors updated.

Cllr Cole also mentioned the parking situation at Darent Valley Hospital. The staff at the hospital are now required to pay to park at the hospital so they are now parking on roads in the surrounding area. This is causing issues with local residents and traffic in places where cars are parked on the road. Cllr Cole is planning to meet with management at the hospital to discuss this further.

Members thanked Cllr Cole and resolved to note her report.


  1. Dartford Borough Councillor’s Report

Cllr Burrell reported congratulations due to Cllr Cutler for his appointment as deputy mayor. Cllr Canham echoed this.


Members congratulated Cllr Cutler on his appointment, thanked the borough councillors and resolved to note their report.

77/04/21CL: To note response to public consultation and resolve formal approval and adoption of the Stone Parish Council 3-year Strategic Plan

Members noted a large and informative response from the public consultation. They felt the council’s response to these comments had been helpful to

The Chairman expressed his view that the Strategic Plan represented a bold and ambitious set of objectives, which will be fantastic for the parish in both uplifting the area and providing quality facilities.

He thanked the clerk and council staff for all their hard work on this plan. Members echoed their support for the plan and thanked the clerk for the hard work that was put in to achieve conclusion of this activity.

Members resolved unanimously to approve the immediate adoption of the Stone Parish Council 3-year Strategic Plan for 2021-2024.


78/04/21CL: To discuss the issue of lorry parking on London Road and resolve action as appropriate to seek remediation

Members were presented with a report that laid out issues reported by residents and councillors regarding a large number of lorries parked along London Road. The report highlighted road safety incidents as well as littering and waste left behind.

Members resolved to undertake a consultation among local residents and businesses along London Road to gauge their feelings on the introduction of parking restrictions on London Road. Members also resolved to take note of which companies the lorries belonged to and to contact them for their assistance in resolving the issues.

Once the consultation is complete, members would be keen to arrange a meeting with cabinet members of Dartford Borough Council and Kent County Council to discuss and resolve the problem.


79/04/21CL: To consider request by Halls AFC for support towards delivery of plans for a new Football Club facility at Atlas Park

Members discussed the ability of the Council to provide financial support to Halls AFC towards their new facility. It was noted that it would need to be verified if providing financial support to Halls AFC was an appropriate use of CIL money as there are certain rules around what the expenditure ca fund.

Members were supportive of the aspirations of Halls AFC as a longstanding community club and of their objectives to expand services into the community. However, members felt they were not currently able to pledge financial support without full assurance regarding how the council’s strategic priorities will be funded.   Members felt it was necessary to wait until there was further clarity regarding CIL, or any other financial support for council objectives before they could decide any financial support.

As such, Members resolved to decline provision of financial support at this time.

80/04/21CL: To resolve

Annual Events Calendar for 2021–22

Members were presented with proposals for an annual events calendar and specific awareness days that supported the council’s commitment to equality and diversity and strategic plan objectives.

Members unanimously resolved to adopt the Annual Events Calendar as outlined.

81/04/21CL: To note Operations Plan for the Claire Tiltman Centre

Members were presented with the operations plan for the Claire Tiltman Centre set to open this year. This included a timeline of council resolutions from conception to its planned opening.

Several members noted they were impressed with the scheme and the opening of the facility would be very welcome and would represent a fantastic community resource.

Members resolved to note the operations plan and thanked the clerk for the work that had gone into producing the plan.


82/04/21CL: To note the Finance Report for the Year ending 31 March 2021

Members were presented with reports for the financial year end 2020-21, including income & expenditure, balance sheet, bank statements and a current statement setting out the council’s financial position.

Members praised the RFO for making the report easy to understand and thanked her for the quality of the report.



83/04/21CL: To Resolve approval of the annual renewal of subscriptions to the Kent Association of Local Councils and National Association of Local Councils for 2021-22


Members were presented with details of the annual subscription to the Kent Association of Local Councils and National Association of Local Councils for 2021-22.

Members noted the increase in subscription fees of £105.

Members asked the Clerk regarding recent benefits received from the subscription. The Clerk explained that this subscription supports the sector through enabling resource for liaison with parliament at the national level, and regional authorities and agencies to improve policy and legislation for local councils.

She confirmed NALC’s lobbying of parliament during the Covid pandemic enabled eligibility of local councils to receive funding under the small business grant scheme, which local councils has initially been left out of. She confirmed the council had received a £10,000 grant under this scheme, which was a clear benefit from the actions of the sector bodies.

Members resolved to approve the renewal of subscriptions to the Kent Association of Local Councils and the National Association of Local Councils for 2021-22


84/04/21CL: To resolve the redistribution of Council grant to Dartford Scouts.

Members discussed the funding given to five scouts from Stone Parish. Members were keen to ensure the funds were still used to help children in Stone and could not be sure this would be achieved if the funds remained with the District Scout Association. They felt it would be preferable that the money be returned to the council so it can make the decisions regarding provision.

As such, Members unanimously resolved to request the funding be returned and the scout groups encouraged to submit applications in the future for funding to help scouts in Stone.


85/04/21CL: Payments for Authorisation

Members were presented with a list of supplier payments to be authorised.

Members resolved to authorise the list of payments.


86/04/21CL: To note Planning Applications responded to under delegated authority

Planning Application
Council Response
opens in a new window21/00441/FUL– 3 Martin Drive Dartford
Erection of a single storey rear extension
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/00518/VCON – 2 Clarendon Gardens Dartford
Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission DA/20/1075/FUL in respect of change of pitch roof to a flat roof with the omission of bi-fold doors and replacement with standard windows
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/00516/FUL – 220 Watling Street, Stone
Erection of a single storey front extension
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/00471/LDC– 66 St John’s Road
Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for proposed change of use of existing family dwelling (C3) to supported living (C3b) (single household for six residents with care provided)
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/00449/FUL – 5 Whitby Close, Stone
Erection of a two storey side extension and single storey attached garden store to rear
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/00587/FUL– 26 Castleridge Drive, Greenhithe
Erection of first floor side extension and provision of dormer window in front roof slope, window in front gable, dormer window in side/rear roof slope, roof lights in both side roof slopes and window in flank gable in connection with providing additional rooms in the roof space
No observation made.
opens in a new window21/00572/FUL – 4 St John;s Road, Dartford
Erection of a single storey rear extension
No observation made.

Members noted the list of planning applications that had been responded to under delegated authority.


87/04/21CL: To note court ruling regarding continuation of virtual meetings

Members were advised of the recent ruling regarding virtual council meetings. As of 7 May 2021, the government has confirmed that council meetings will need to be held in person again and that virtual meeting will no longer be legal.

Members agreed that meetings would need to continue to be socially distanced and agreed that visors would be preferable to face masks should they still need to be worn in line with covid restrictions.

Members noted the court ruling.


88/04/21CL: Exclusion of Press & Public

To resolve, pursuant to section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, the public and the press leave the meeting during consideration of the following items.

Members of the public and press left the meeting.


89/04/21CL: To resolve the award of tender for a new playground at Stone Recreation Ground

Following advertisement on the government’s Contract Finder and Find a Tender websites, members were presented with details of tenders that had been returned by the applicable deadline and which met the tender criteria for provision of a new playground at Stone recreation Ground.

A total of nine tenders had been submitted from a variety of national and regional suppliers. The council’s quantity surveyor, who had prepared the initial tender brief, had made a prior quantitative assessment of tenders received and had outlined the scoring of these in his report.

The report had identified the three strongest tenders that met the required criteria and recommended the council determine the preferred supplier from these on a qualitative basis now the quantitative assessment had been determined.

Members discussed the three strongest quantitative tenders focusing on the appearance, use of materials, provision of equipment and response to the brief from a qualitative perspective and felt that one supplier in particular had interpreted council requirements most effectively.

As such, members decided to accept the tender proposal from Kompan for a new playground at Stone Recreation Ground at a cost of £144,599.00.

Members resolved expenditure of £144,599.00 from the Community Infrastructure Levy Fund.


90/04/21CL: To note proposals for Spinal Point increases for staff as outlined in the report and resolve accordingly


Members were presented with a report that outlined proposals for spinal point increases for staff following recent reviews.

Members agreed the staff outlined were deserving of the proposed increases and resolved to award these as set out in the report.