Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Fukes, Howes, McQueen, Pearce,



There was no disclosure of any pecuniary interests relating to meeting agenda items.



There were no members of the public present at the meeting.



It was resolved to approve the minutes of the Community Engagement & Events Committee held on Wednesday 13th July 2022.



An update on recent crime statistics was provided by Kent Police.

Discussion took place regarding car racing along Crossways Boulevard. Approximately 40 penalty notices have been issued to offenders for breaches since the recent introduction of a borough wide PSPO order. Issue of these penalty notices has confirmed that vehicles are coming from far and wide to attend car meets. Temporary cameras have also been erected to monitor activity. The issue appears to have reduced in intensity in the past few weeks which indicates measures are having a positive effect. Additional manpower resources have also been deployed to maintain regular observation.

Discussion also took place regarding frequent theft from the Co-op on London Road, vehicle crimes and off-road bikes on Hillhouse Road.

Members thanked PCSO Keers and PC Quilter for their attendance and resolved to note the report.



An update was provided from Stone’s new Community Warden regarding recent activity including removal of fly-tip on Hayes Road, engagement with vulnerable and elderly residents, evidence of nitrous oxide gas use around Stone Crossing station, dogs off leads at Stone Recreation Ground. She also attended the recent Seniors of Stone monthly club to introduce herself to residents.

Members thanked the community warden for their attendance resolved to note the report.


7 – Youth Services

A report was provided to update members to update regarding current youth service provision, attendance issues, irregularity of session timetabling and marketing/promotion of activities.

Recent meetings have aimed to improve cohesion of delivery and collaboration between local service providers and ensure effective performance monitoring of attendance and quality assurance.

Members discussed the difficulty to attract and retain young people to sessions and the importance of effective marketing was noted to ensure youths can be clear what to expect when attending.

The Community Engagement and Events Officer confirmed arrangements had been made to hold regular meetings to monitor performance and ensure effective discussion between organizations. It is hope this will enable prompt response to any issues and shared understanding of local needs.

Members resolved to note the report and await further information.


8 – Autumn/Winter Events 2022

Members were provided with an update regarding Autumn/Winter Events for 2022 including the Remembrance Service, Seniors of Stone sessions and festive Christmas dinner, details of the forthcoming Christmas market with Santa’s grotto, and Santa’s parish tractor tour.

Members resolved to note the update and looked forward to these events.


9 – Calendar of Events 2023

Members discuss the proposed Calendar of Events for 2023 which included the regular items and proposals for new activities to broaden the breadth of delivery.

Proposals for new events included craft markets and wellbeing fairs at the Claire Tiltman Centre, introduction of a social evening, themed activities to celebrate Pride and Black History Month, King’s coronation, half-term youth activities and advice seminars.

Members discussed the proposals and agreed it was beneficial to hold community events at the new Claire Tiltman Centre to generate awareness of the facility. They felt it would be desirable to combine the activities for Pride and Black History Month with the social evenings and felt initially these should not form a weekly event. It was suggested that the first social evening take place in February, which would give time for effective promotion. It was hoped that attendees might over time generate topics or activities to provide ongoing content for the events.

Members discussed suggestions for the King’s coronation and queried how the forthcoming recreation masterplan may impact any plans. The clerk confirmed it was difficult to gauge until a more definite programme of works was established. It was agreed there would need to be contingency plans to accommodate this, perhaps allowing for activities to take place at other sites or on a smaller scale.

Members were pleased to resolve the calendar of events as outlined, with the amendment to the initial frequency of social evenings.


The chairman closed the meeting at 20:37pm.