The Chairperson asked for nominations for Chairperson of the Strategy & Finance Committee for the ensuing year.

There were two nominations for Chairperson; Councillor McQueen and Councillor Burrell. Councillor Burrell declined the nomination.

Members unanimously resolved to name Councillor McQueen as Chairperson of the Strategy & Finance Committee for 2022-23. Councillor McQueen then took over chairpersonship of the meeting.



The Chairperson asked for nominations for Vice-Chairperson of the Strategy & Finance Committee for the ensuing year.

Councillor Burrell nominated Councillor Mitchell. There were no other nominations.

Members unanimously resolved to name Councillor Mitchell as Vice-Chairperson of the Strategy & Finance Committee for 2022-23.


03/06/22SF: Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor K Lynch


04/06/22SF: Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

There were no disclosures of pecuniary interests.


05/06/22SF: Public Participation

No members of the public wished to speak at the meeting.


06/06/22SF: To note Committee Terms of Reference

Members resolved to note the committee terms of reference.


07/06/22SF: Kirby Road Allotments Interim Update

Members received an update on the Kirby Road Allotment site.


Following concerns raised by tenants, the Grounds Manager and Council Administrator attended a site inspection on Tuesday 14th June 2022. Tenants had complained over a number of overgrown and unworked plots.


A key issue with this is communication. Only around half of tenants ever respond to emails and many also do not have a mobile phone number and do not respond to calls. Throughout Covid, lenience was given to many plotholders who were unable to work their plots so many became overgrown. Tenants have also apparently given up plots but no notice of this has been given to SPC.


From the inspection, we have identified all plots that appear to be unworked and these tenants will now be sent an official letter (by post and email) giving them 30 days to have their plot, ‘reasonably free from weeds and noxious plants and in a good state of cultivation and fertility and in good condition’ as per their agreement.


Failure to do so will mean the termination of the agreement and the plot will cease to be theirs from 15th July 2022. As these plots become available, they will be offered to new tenants.


The Grounds team will, in the meantime, be clearing any available plots so that these can be offered to people on the waiting list. As soon as any tenant confirms they no longer require a plot, these will then be cleared so that they can also be offered. Depending on whether any tenants clear the plots themselves, the Grounds manager anticipates this could take around two months on top of the remaining public realm areas that are our responsibility.


Concerns that some issues that have caused delays to the site maintenance were not communicated to tenants will be addressed. With the monthly site visits and more regular updates following these visits, to all tenants.


Going forward, the Council Administrator will accompany the grounds manager on a monthly site visit to the allotment site to keep oversight on which plots, if any, are unworked and if there are any other issues.

The Council Administrator will ensure that any plot that is unworked or unpaid be given prompt notice that this needs to be resolved after which the plot will be offered to someone else.

On top of the current communication, we would like to reinstall a noticeboard on the allotment site, to allow an extra option to communicate with current tenants, providing them with contact details for us in case of any problems or questions.


A new app is being created which will assist with the administration of the allotments, which is currently done by spreadsheet.

Members confirmed that this was a good start and that green spaces like the allotments were important. It was confirmed that an update would be given to the committee at the next meeting, to confirm how the site and tenancy had proceeded.


Members resolved to note the update on the Kirby Road Allotment site.


08/06/22SF: Strategic Projects Interim Update

To note updates regarding ongoing strategic projects:

1. Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan
At the annual council meeting in May, an award of tender was made to One Creative Environments Ltd for multi-disciplinary services to undertake discharge of conditions and reserve matters for the recreation ground masterplan scheme.

Since appointment, the lead architectural and landscape consultants have been devising an indicative programme of activity to plot the timeline from appointment to submission of final reserved matters and advertisement of construction tender.

The programme will include presentation to council/committee meetings as necessary, public consultation, liaison with  planning authority officers, activities to discharge planning conditions, and procurement of required supplementary ground studies and investigations.

Confirmation of proposed programming will enable the council to coordinate requirements, such as seeking borrowing approval, liaison with user groups, and managing anticipated conflicts with usual activities.


Members were informed that the initial concept designs would be put before the Full Council in July for consideration prior to the consultation.


Members resolved to note the update regarding the Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan.

  1. Claire Tiltman Centre
    The Claire Tiltman Centre was officially opened on 25th May 2022 with a special event to mark the occasion and pay tribute to Claire.

    The event was well attended by local, regional and national representatives, along with Claire’s friends and family member and provided an effective introduction to the centre and its intended objectives.

    Following this event and subsequent publicity, council officers have received and are fielding a number of enquiries from parties interested in using the centre.

    Preparation for the event enabled photography and a 360° video tour to be produced to support marketing of the venue. Officers are currently preparing marketing materials and creating a web presence for the facility to support the launch of a marketing campaign to establish secondary use.

    Recruitment of additional manpower resource is required to facilitate cover of bookings, due to be imminently undertaken.

    Most of the hard landscaping works are now complete, with just a variation to continue the pavement to the pedestrian access required to be processed. Further soft landscaping works are due to be undertaken. The Brent 6th Scout Group were successful in a recent application to the Woodland Trust for 420 large saplings for the site. These trees are due for delivery in November, with planting to be undertaken by the group in conjunction with council grounds staff. These trees will help facilitate plans for a Forest School and will count towards the council’s Tree Year Plan planting total.


Members congratulated the officers on a successful launch event and were keen for marketing to begin to allow more use of the centre and increase the revenue stream through bookings.


Members resolved to note the update regarding the Claire Tiltman Centre.

3. 2030 Decarbonisation Strategy

Officers are currently reviewing the tentative action plan produced by the carbon consultant and will seek to present recommendations for priority actions at August’s S&F Committee meeting. It is hoped this will enable some cross-referencing to have taken place between the initial action plan and the consultants for the rec masterplan to identify opportunities to include carbon efficient improvements on the back of the proposed works.


Members confirmed that the presentation from Matthew Morris of STEM Sustainability was very helpful and clear.

Members resolved to note the update regarding the Decabonisation Strategy.


09/06/22SF: Budget Monitoring Report

Members were presented with budget monitoring reports for the period April/May 2022, including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income & Expenditure Analysis
  • Cost centre report for Lizzie’s Café
  • Cost centre report for Venue Hire (Claire Tiltman Centre and Stone Pavilion)

Members congratulated the RFO on a very clear and helpful report. It was confirmed that, as the café had been running from September, a full year of income and expenditure would be provided at the Strategy & Finance committee  meeting in October.

Members resolved to note the budget monitoring reports for the period April/May 2022.


10/06/22SF: To note CIL Balance and I&E report

Members were presented with a report that confirmed the current balance of Community Infrastructure Levy funds, along with details of receipts and expenditure to date.

It was noted that a presentation of a revised CIL forecast, following the recent successful Neighbourhood Plan referendum, along with discussion and resolution of a CIL Expenditure Policy is scheduled for discussion at the July 27th full council meeting.

Members resolved to note the CIL Balance and Income and Expenditure Report


11/06/22SF: Authorisation of Payments

A schedule of supplier payments was presented to members.

Members resolved to approve the list of payments provided.


There being no further business, the Chairperson closed the meeting at 20:21.