Paige Starbucks School of Dance run weekly dance classes at Stone Pavilion and we are excited to announce that they will be running FREE Dance Workshops for the local community at Stone Pavilion on Wednesday 31st May. They will be running three sessions throughout the day, each catering for a specific age range.

10:00am – 11:00am: Mini Movers (ages 3 – 5)

A session where the focus is on FUN. This is a great way to introduce your little ones to movement and dance. Combining well known songs, nursery rhymes and the latest pop hits. We create unique story telling through the art of dance, song and mime. Whilst playing games, using props and entertaining your little stars we are stimulating their imaginative and thinking skills. Learning to express themselves through our “Praise & Practice” technique, whilst having lots of fun and laughter. Parents will stay with there little stars.

11:30am – 1:30pm: Showtime Juniors (ages 6 – 9)

A high energy playful class where your little stars can develop their performance skills. In this session your little stars will not only dance but they will also get the chance to sing and act. We will focus on furthering their artistic talents, as they dance sing and act along to the most famous musical theatre shows, inspiring your mini celebs to showcase their individual style and originality. Parents will leave their little stars with us.

2:00pm – 3:30pm: Street Seniors (ages 10 – 13)

A class focused on the popular urban culture style of dance that will introduce your teens to moves featured in todays popular music videos and Tik Tok. The classes environment allows your stars to release their energy and passion gain self confidence and build self esteem within dance. Our commitment to supporting and developing  your star goes so much deeper than “just” Street Dance… if you like having a laugh and learning whilst getting fitter and healthier this is the perfect class! We would love for you to come along and dance with us, you’ll feel part of something that celebrates a family atmosphere.​ Parents will leave their little stars with us.

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