Dear Parish Resident,

In less than two weeks, life has changed in unprecedented ways for so many people.

Many are now working from home, or completely isolated, away from friends and loved ones; some may be suffering from the virus that came out of the blue, now being spread at an exponential rate; and many more are still working tirelessly, to keep public services running and providing much-needed care to the sick, vulnerable and elderly.

This is a time of much anxiety, but equally of kindness and compassion as we pull together as a community, and a nation, to ensure we care for each other as best possible.

It is hard to know how we can best help as a council. We have only a small number of staff (8 FTE), with some now working from home and some still providing essential services in the public realm.

The current situation has had a significant effect on council services. Stone Pavilion is now closed until further notice, which means many bookings have been cancelled and weekly clubs are unable to meet.

While not able to provide a physical reception, we are still providing customer services via telephone and email.

We have been forced to make the unfortunate decision to cancel the forthcoming Easter event and, regrettably, Stone Fete. The uncertainty around the current situation makes continuing with these unviable.

However, one of our real strengths is our ability to react quickly to community needs when situations present themselves.

So instead, our focus is now placed squarely on the community and the needs it may have at these testing times.

We have launched a dedicated Coronavirus Support Page on the council’s website which enables local residents to both sign up as a volunteer to assist, but to also provide us with any information regarding local people who may be in need so that we can do our best to provide some assistance.

Details of local support groups and online activities are also included to enable residents to interact as necessary to help them through this time.

Things are changing at a rapid pace and guidance is changing all the time, so we have provided links to the relevant sources of up-to-date information.

Above all, we would like to reach out to the community of Stone Parish to say that we are here to help in whatever way we can. Please get in touch via the support page to make us aware of any needs.

We look forward to the time when we have moved beyond current pressures and can begin to celebrate the success of our community in coming together to help each other out.

We hope you all stay well and keep safe.

Best wishes, Stone Parish Council

> View the council’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support Page…