Council officers have made contact with all the residents that replied to the recent Community Needs Survey confirming they are aged over 65 to check on their welfare during the current Covid19 outbreak.

In what was very fortunate timing, the council’s recent community survey enabled provision of up-to-date contact information for residents in this age group, many who are not online or have email addresses.

Where possible, council officers telephoned individual residents to determine if they are currently at risk or in need to ensure the council can deploy volunteers that recently responded to the council’s call to provide support to the parish during this challenging time.

Many of the residents spoken to are in good health and being well looked after with everything they need, however some were more isolated or without help and the council will be keeping in regular contact with these residents to ensure their needs are catered for.

The council is also conscious that the 160 residents that responded do not represent all residents in the parish in this age group. As such, the council is keen for any residents that are over 65 to either sign up with their email using the following form, or call the council on 07385 134063 to provide telephone or address details to ensure the council can keep in touch and provide relevant information at this time.

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