Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, the Parish Council has made the difficult and disappointing decision to cancel Stone Fete 2020.

The uncertain ongoing situation means it would not be feasible to continue to plan such a huge event, which could result in subsequent cancellation at significant financial loss.

Council Chairman John Burrell said,

“We know the decision to cancel Stone Fete will be very disappointing to the thousands of people who attend in July for a fantastic day out. However, the ongoing uncertainty over the Covid-19 outbreak means that it is just too much of a risk for the council to continue to make arrangements that could result in later cancellation at a high financial cost.

We obviously have the welfare of the community uppermost and can’t anticipate how long social-distancing restrictions may continue, so feel this was the only choice we had.

The workload capacity of council officers is also currently very much focused on providing whatever support the community may need at this time and this was also a factor in deciding to cancel.

We hope that local residents will understand the need for this decision.  We look forward to returning again in July 2021 for the community to come together and celebrate in a big way.

We will also look to plan some events later this year to celebrate on a smaller scale once Covid-19 is no longer an issue.”

Stone Fete is held on the first Sunday in July and is attended by thousands of people from Stone Parish and surrounding areas, raising thousands of pounds for local groups and charities who attend as stallholders.

The council would like to hear from any regular stall holders who rely on income raised at Stone Fete to fund their ongoing activities where this benefits the Parish of Stone, to discuss possible supplementary grant funding.

Please email us at: clerk@stoneparishcouncil.comcreate new email to discuss further.