Parish Councillors in hi-vis jackets with spades in a pile of soil

Stone Parish councillors, led by Council Chair Jessica McQueen, break ground on the £4.3 million recreation ground upgrade scheme, marking a significant milestone in enhancing leisure opportunities for the community.

Stone Parish Council has kicked off the commencement of construction for its much-anticipated £4.3 million recreation ground upgrade scheme with a “cutting of the sod” ceremony to mark the occasion.

This heralds a significant milestone in the council’s commitment to enriching the quality of life for all members of the community. Led by council chair, Jessica McQueen, alongside dedicated parish councillors, the event symbolises the beginning of an exciting journey towards a modernised and vibrant recreational space for generations to come.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey towards a fantastic recreation ground that will serve as a focal point for community engagement and enjoyment,” said Jessica McQueen, Chair of Stone Parish Council. “This ambitious project reflects our commitment to enhancing the well-being and leisure opportunities available to our residents. We are excited to witness the positive impact this upgrade will have on our community.”

While the construction phase will entail some temporary inconveniences, including restricted access to certain areas of the recreation ground, the council extends its apologies for any disruptions caused and will assure that every effort will be made to minimise disturbances and ensure smooth progress throughout the duration of the works. Construction is scheduled to finish in early spring 2025, although some new facilities may be made available for use before this once complete.

More details regarding the anticipated timeline of works and the launch of exciting new facilities will be provided on a dedicated web portal the council is producing to keep the community up to date with activity.

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