Stone Parish Council aims to keep the community informed as well as engaged in the decision-making process. The aim of the council’s community engagement is that local people are effectively informed, engaged, involved and empowered by the council. That they actively help define and design local priorities and policies, deliver and evaluate services and inform council decision-making in areas that impact their lives.  

Current Consultations

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The council is currently undertaking a Community Needs Survey to gather accurate information to determine local priorities and help develop solutions within the remit and scope of the parish council’s authority.

A hard copy of the survey has been delivered to each household in the parish and can also be completed online. The closing date for survey responses is: 8th September 2023.

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Previous Consultations

Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan – Public Consultation

Stone Parish Council have exciting plans for the development of Stone Recreation Ground. This represents the biggest undertaking by the council since the Recreation Ground was established in the 1930’s, which is felt needed to ensure it is fit for purpose to serve the additional parish growth we will see in coming years. A public consultation took place between 22nd August and 2nd September 2022 regarding the proposed plans for Stone Recreation Ground. To view the plans and for further information on the consultation please visit click here.

London Road – Parking Consultation

Lorry parking along London Road has increased significantly over the past year, with
often up to 16 lorries parked overnight. This has caused several issues.

Driver safety is compromised by a reduction in the road width and a lack of parking lights.
The other issue is the mess that is left behind. Lorry drivers have been seen leaving
rubbish at the roadside, as well as human waste.

Stone Parish Council have been liaising with Dartford Borough Council, Kent Highways and Kent Police regarding this matter. It was confirmed by Dartford that the only option available would be a time-restricted parking scheme along London Road.

This scheme would incur a cost to Stone Parish Council as well as residents of London Road who would then need to pay for permits to park along the section of London Road in question, the cost of which is currently set at £50 for a yearly permit.

We are conducting this survey with residents that could be affected, to see if there is support to proceed with this scheme on this basis.

The survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete and the consultation will be closed from Monday 16th August at 5pm

Take part in the consultation survey

Stone Recreation Ground new children’s playground consultation 

Children on play equipment

Calling all children, families and schools in Stone Parish! Get involved in our consultation to help us design a new playground at Stone Recreation Ground.

We have just submitted a planning application for the Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan and the new playground will be the first feature to be implemented.

But we need your help to tell us what you like about the current playground, and what you’d like to see in the future.

So fill out our short questionnaire to give us your feedback about these exciting new plans.

The consultation closed on Wednesday 10th February at 5pm

The Community Needs Survey 2020 

People in the communityResidents were asked to take part in a survey to give Stone Parish Council an in-depth understanding of current community needs to determine council priorities for action over the next five years. 

An overwhelming 709 responses were received. These responses identified the key areas that people wanted the Council to prioritise. The top 3 concerns being; anti-social behaviour, crime and problem parking. Residents were also asked about community safety, sustainability and Quality of life.  

The responses received provided a valuable basis for drafting of the council’s forthcoming 5-year strategic plan 

The findings of the Community Needs Survey are available to download.

 Kirby Road Allotment Tenants Survey 2020 

Stone Parish Council recently began a review of the Kirby Road Allotment Sites. Plans included updating the rental agreement and a review of the site management and the site itself. 

Allotment Tenants were asked to take a ten minute survey where they could rate various aspects of the tenancy and site and make suggestions for improvements or upgrades.  

Over half of the tenants responded to the survey giving the Council a clear idea of the areas that tenants felt should be focused on. 

Allotment Tenants Survey

Stone Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey 

Stone Neighbourhood Development Plan is a culmination of significant hard work by the group of Neighbourhood Plan Directors over 5 years.  

It is felt by all those involved that the Stone Neighbourhood Development Plan sets out a positive vision for Stone Parish that effectively reflects the needs and aspirations of the community. It focuses on clear and necessary objectives, such as sustainable travel, air quality, health and wellbeing and the protection of Stone’s green and open spaces. 

Consultation of the draft plan was done over a 6 week period. It was one of many consultations done on the plan and helped to determine the feelings and priorities of the plan for local residents and stakeholders. 

 53 responses were received from local residents and various stakeholders with the vast majority being in full support of the plan.  

The plan has now been finalised and submitted to Dartford Borough Council. A referendum is expected sometime in 2021 once Covid-19 allows it. 

A link to the neighbourhood plan website can be found here. Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Striving for balance (external link)