The now closed Lads of the Village Public House in Stone Village.

The Parish Council is delighted to announce that The Lads of the Village Public House has been officially recognized as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This designation confirms the significance of The Lads of the Village as a valued resource in our community.

After months of campaigning and a formal application process, Dartford Borough Council has upheld the nomination put forward by Stone Parish Council to list The Lads of the Village Public House as an ACV. This decision reinforces the vital role this establishment played, before its closure earlier this year, in furthering the social wellbeing and interests of our local community.

The significance of this designation lies not only in preserving a historical landmark but also in recognizing the impact The Lads of the Village has had on our community. From serving as a gathering place for residents to hosting various recreational activities and community events, this public house has been a much-loved hub for generations.

The assessment conducted under Section 88(2) of the Localism Act 2011 highlighted the extensive evidence supporting the nomination, including testimonials from residents, the establishment’s longstanding history dating back to 1833, and its role in fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among locals.

While this designation marks a significant achievement, it is just the beginning of a journey to ensure the continued preservation and re-establish the previous vitality of The Lads of the Village. Achieving this will require the support and effort of members of the community to formulate a plan to assist the council in securing funding. We encourage anyone that would like to get involved to contact us so we can seek to assemble a constituted group that can take forward a potential bid to see the pub become truly community led.

Council Chair Jessica McQueen said, “This is fantastic news. The decision to list The Lads of the Village Public House as an ACV reflects our collective commitment to preserving the unique character and spirit of our community. It is also a testament to the dedication of all those who have been involved with the Lads of the Village pub over the years and those who have benefitted from its presence. Thanks to the perseverance of the parish council and pub regulars, the community has been given an opportunity to ensure it can continue to provide the social benefits that it has for almost the last two hundred years. We hope local people will come forward to get involved with the next part of the process.”

For further information or to express your interest in getting involved, please email: clerk@stoneparishcouncil.comcreate new email