Date & Time: Wednesday 27 June 2018
Location: Boardroom, Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Stone DA9 9DS

Councillors to attend: John Burrell, Lucy Canham, Shaun Cummings, Paul Cutler, Mandy Garford, Jeanne Hoadley, Keith Kelly, Sue Martin, Margaret Mitchell, Emma Morley, Claire Pearce, Stephanie Thredgle,

Parish Clerk: Jennie Thomas
Note Taker: Luke Mclean

19/06/18CL | Apologies For Absence | To note 2 mins

20/06/18CL | Declarations of Interest | To note 2 mins

21/06/18CL |To resolve formal approval of annual return for 2017-18 | To resolve 5mins

  1. To note completion and approve Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 2017/18
  2. To note completion and approve Section 2 – Accounting statement 2017/18

22/06/18CL | To note and discuss the final recommendations for the warding patterns for Dartford Borough and the impact on Parish electoral wards | To discuss 5 mins

23/06/18CL | To resolve awards for recognition of exceptional or long service to the community | To resolve 10 mins

24/06/18CL | To ratify recommendation from Recreation & Facilities Committee for reserves expenditure of up to £20K for resurfacing of driveway at Stone Recreation Ground | To resolve 5 mins

25/06/18CL | To authorise payments | To resolve 5 mins

Full details of payments are provided for member’s approval