Date & Time: Wednesday 25th April 2018
Location: Boardroom, Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Stone DA9 9DS

Councillors to attend: John Burrell, Lucy Canham, Shaun Cummings, Paul Cutler, Mandy Garford, Jeanne Hoadley, Keith Kelly, Sue Martin, Margaret Mitchell, Emma Morley, Claire Pearce, Stephanie Thredgle,

Parish Clerk: Jennie Thomas
Note Taker: Luke Mclean

84/04/18CL | Apologies For Absence | To note 2 mins

85/04/18CL | Declarations of Interest | To note 2 mins

86/04/18CL |To note Council vacancies in St John’s ward | To note 5 mins

87/04/18CL | To receive update on GDPR and Council compliance with new data protection laws | To note 5 mins

88/04/18CL | To discuss and conclude initial Council submission for the (Parish Boundary) Community Governance Review | To resolve 15 mins