50/09/21CL: Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, s 85.


51/09/21CL: Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

To receive disclosure of any pecuniary interests relating to meeting agenda items.

Having declared an interest, a member must not participate in discussion on the matter and must not take part in any vote unless an appropriate dispensation has been granted.

Relevant Legislation: Localism Act 2011, s 31.


52/09/21CL: Public Participation

The council meets and makes its decisions in public. A council meeting is not a public meeting. It is a meeting held in public and there is no requirement in law which allows members of the public to speak at such meetings.

However, the council is is keen to encourage public attendance at meetings and will therefore provide an opportunity to local registered electors to show it is committed to community engagement.

A maximum of 3 minutes is allowed per person to speak and the total length of time afforded for public participation at each meeting shall be no more than 15 minutes, subject to an extension of this time, in exceptional circumstances, being agreed by the Chairman.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act, s 100.


53/09/21CL: Approval of Minutes

To approve the minutes of the meeting of the council held on Wednesday 25 August 2021

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, para 41 (1).

>View the Draft Minutes for the Meeting of 25 August 2021opens PDF file

54/09/21CL: Reports from other authorities and agencies

To receive reports from representatives of other authorities and agencies

  1. Kent Police
  2. Kent County Council (KCC)
  3. Dartford Borough Council
  4. Darent Hospital AGM – Cllr M Mitchell to report

>View the report from KCC representative Penny Coleopens PDF file

55/09/21CL: Clerk’s Report

To receive an update from the Parish Clerk regarding ongoing projects.


56/09/21CL: Parish Speed Indicator Device

Item Requested by Cllr K Grehan

Members are requested to resolve expenditure for a Parish Speed Indicator Device as per the attached Scheme from Kent County Council.

Speed Indicator Device (SID) These are devices that display the actual speed of an approaching vehicle on a digital display. These are designed to be portable and moved between locations, as they are not permitted to be installed permanently at a single site. They must be relocated after a maximum of two months, although for maximum impact they should be moved every 3-4 weeks. Several parishes have adopted this scheme which is locally managed and I attach an information sheet with more details. The approximate cost of a SID is £7,000 – £10,000 which includes the device and the installation of multiple poles.


Before a device is installed there needs to be an assessment of the issue to be addressed; this is much more relevant in the case of the permanent VAS installation. If the signs are installed in an area where there is no issue of speeding, the signs will be ignored and will blend into the background with other street furniture. Any inappropriately installed signs detract from the effectiveness of others used throughout Kent, as motorists become over-familiar with their illumination. These sign options must only be considered to reduce traffic speeds as a last resort, after all other options have been explored such as white lining, existing signage review, ‘Dragons Teeth’ markings and village gate signs.


In order to obtain a more specific estimate for any work a site visit needs to be undertaken to assess the suitability of the site(s). However, neither of these are permitted to be attached to existing street furniture, such as lamp columns or signs. It must also be noted that it is not always possible to install a sign due to constraints with power requirements, site access, road geometry, road space or underground/overhead services. I must also highlight that the use of THANK YOU messages or happy/sad faces are not permitted and that any unapproved devices for drivers using the highway will be removed.

>View the Parish Speed Indicator Device Schemeopens PDF file


57/09/21CL: Kent Plan Bee

Item requested by Cllr K Grehan

Members are requested to resolve support for the Kent Plan Bee Scheme.
Our grounds team have already completed rewilding on several of our sites including 500sqm on the recreation ground and 250sqm at Stone Castle Park.

With the Claire Tiltman Centre planned to be an environmentally friendly and educational site, there will be opportunities to ensure that bees and other pollinators are encouraged and looked after.

The attached report outlines KCC’s pollinator action plan and the importance of pollinators.

>View the Kent’s Plan Bee Action Planopens PDF file

58/09/21CL: Community Grant Applications

Members are requested to resolve the award of Community Grant Funding based on the applications provided.

>View the Grant Application from the Brent 6th Dartford Cavalry Scout Troopopens PDF file

>View the Grant Application from Paige Starbuck’s School of Danceopens PDF file

>View the Grant Application from Dartford Stone Scouts Elm Cub Packopens PDF file

>View the Grant Application from 1st Stone Guidesopens PDF file

>View the Grant Application from the Citizens Advice Bureauopens PDF file

59/09/21CL: Authorisation of Payments

A schedule of supplier payments is presented for council resolution to authorise payment.

>View the Schedule of Supplier Paymentsopens PDF file

60/09/21CL: Planning Applications

  1.  To resolve representations to Major Planning Applications affecting the parish

opens in a new window21/01349/FUL – Land At Dartford International Ferry Terminal Clipper Boulevard Dartford Kent DA2 6QN

Demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide three Class B8 (storage and distribution) buildings with associated access, servicing, parking and landscaping.

2. To note representations by officers made under the council’s scheme of delegation

anning Application
Council Response
opens in a new window21/01414/FUL –  208 Watling Street Stone Kent DA2 6EW
Erection of a single storey side/rear extension and front porch
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01413/FUL – 30 Hayes Road Horns Cross Kent DA9 9DW
Erection of a two storey side extension
No Observation Made