1 – Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, s 85.

2 – Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

To receive disclosure of any pecuniary interests relating to meeting agenda items.

Having declared an interest, a member must not participate in discussion on the matter and must not take part in any vote unless an appropriate dispensation has been granted.

Relevant Legislation: Localism Act 2011, s 31.

3 – Public Participation

The council meets and makes its decisions in public. A council meeting is not a public meeting. It is a meeting held in public and there is no requirement in law which allows members of the public to speak at such meetings.

However, the council is is keen to encourage public attendance at meetings and will therefore provide an opportunity to local registered electors to show it is committed to community engagement.

A maximum of 3 minutes is allowed per person to speak and the total length of time afforded for public participation at each meeting shall be no more than 15 minutes, subject to an extension of this time, in exceptional circumstances, being agreed by the Chairman.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act, s 100.

4 – Approval of Minutes

To approve the minutes of the Annual meeting of the council held on Wednesday 17 May 2023.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, para 41 (1).

5 – Reports from outside organisations and agencies

5.1 – Kent Police

Inspector Nick Grainger and new Beat Officer Ross Sparrow will provide members with an update.

5.2 – Kent County Council

Councillor Penny Cole will provide a written update for members.  Report to Follow

5.3 – Dartford Borough Council

Dartford Borough Councillors have an opportunity to provide an update on Borough Council activity.

6 – Code of Conduct

To resolve adoption of the Code of Conduct 2023.

Members are presented with the proposed Code of Conduct for 2023. It is based on the Model Councillor Code of Conduct, developed by the Local Government Association (LGA) in association with key partners and after extensive consultation with the sector, as part of its work on supporting all tiers of local government to continue to aspire to high standards of leadership and performance.

All councils are required to have a local Councillor Code of Conduct. In November, the Council resolved to sign up to the Civility & Respect Pledge. This Code of Conduct has been written to include the ideals laid out in the pledge

>View the Code of Conduct 2023opens PDF file

7 – Adoption of revised calendar of meetings

A revised calendar of meetings is presented for approval. This item was deferred from the Annual Council Meeting with the aim of increasing the number of committee meetings. The calendar has been revised to allow for additional meetings, scheduled to align with the internal programme of officer work.

>View the revised Calendar of meetings for 2023-24opens PDF file

Recommendation: To resolve the calendar of council and committee meetings for 2023-24.

8 – Appointment of Chairperson to Standing Committees

At the Annual Council Meeting in May, members resolved the appointment of members to committees. However, this resulted in the Chairperson not being appointed as a member of each committee, which was not alignment with the recommendation in the Scheme of delegation. As the Chairperson is required to manage any recommendations from committees to the full council, it is felt important that she is sufficiently well versed regarding such discussions to support effective decision-making at full council meetings. As such, it is recommended that the Chairperson, Jessica McQueen, is appointed as a member of each of the council’s standing committees with immediate effect.

Recommendation: That the council resolves the appointment of the Chairperson to each of the council’s standing committees, namely the Scrutiny Committee, Community Engagement, Wellbeing & Events Committee and the People & Performance Committee with immediate effect.

9 – Nomination of Parish representative to Joint Transport Board

Members are requested to resolve to nominate their 1st and 2nd choice for Parish Council representative to the Joint Transport Board, for confirmation and attendance at JTB in September

The candidates in alphabetical order of surname are:


Cllr. Lesley Howes (Swanscombe & Greenhithe)


Cllr. Adam Jessett (Sutton @ Hone & Hawley)


Cllr. Tony Prentice (Darenth)

10 – Finance

10.1 – Annual Return (AGAR)

To resolve approval of the Annual Return (AGAR) 2022-23

>View the Annual Return (AGAR) 2022-23opens PDF file

10.2 – Internal Audit Report

To note the findings of the Internal Audit Report by Heelis & Lodge.

>View the Internal Audit Reportopens PDF file

>View Appendix 1.2 Explanation of significant variancesopens PDF file

10.3 – Community Grant Funding

Applications for the Parish Council’s Community Grant Award are presented for consideration.

>View the Community Grant Application from We Are Beamsopens PDF file

11 – Lads of the Village

To discuss the nomination of the Lads of the Village public house as an Asset of Community Value and potential listing as a local heritage landmark.

> View the report regarding the Lads of the Villageopens PDF file

12 – Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan

To receive an update regarding progress on the Masterplan and anticipated programme of activity.