76/01/22CL: Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.

77/01/22CL: Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

To receive disclosure of any pecuniary interests relating to meeting agenda items.

Having declared an interest, a member must not participate in discussion on the matter and must not take part in any vote unless an appropriate dispensation has been granted.

78/01/22CL: Public Participation

The council meets and makes its decisions in public. A council meeting is not a public meeting. It is a meeting held in public and there is no requirement in law which allows members of the public to speak at such meetings.

However, the council is is keen to encourage public attendance at meetings and will therefore provide an opportunity to local registered electors to show it is committed to community engagement.

A maximum of 3 minutes is allowed per person to speak and the total length of time afforded for public participation at each meeting shall be no more than 15 minutes, subject to an extension of this time, in exceptional circumstances, being agreed by the Chairman.

79/01/22CL: Approval of Minutes

To approve the minutes of the meeting of the council held on Wednesday 3 November 2021

>View the draft minutes for Wednesday 3 November 2021opens PDF file

80/01/22CL: Reports from other authorities and agencies

To receive reports from representatives of other authorities and agencies

1. Kent Police

>View the Report from Kent Policeopens PDF file

2. Kent County Council

>View the Report from KCC Councillor P Coleopens PDF file

3. Dartford Borough Council

81/01/22CL: Clerk’s Report

To receive an update from the Parish Clerk regarding ongoing projects and current issues.

82/01/22CL: To formally note resignation of Councillor Kelly and confirmation of by-election to fill the vacancy

Members are requested to formally note the resignation of Councillor K Kelly in December 2021. A Notice of Vacancy was published on 21st December 2021. The notice informed electors in Castle Ward of their right to request a by-election by writing to the Returning Officer by 12th January 2022.

As of 12th January, ten or more electors have written to request a by-election be held to fill the vacancy. The date of the election will be confirmed by Electoral Services in due course.

The parish council will be re-charged for the cost of holding the by-election.

The council has also been asked to confirm whether they wish for poll cards to be issued to electors for the election to allow Electoral Services to make the necessary arrangements. This will incur additional cost if they are requested.

The next ordinary elections take place in May 2023.

83/01/22CL: To resolve appointment of committees and amended calendar of meetings

Members are requested to review the attached reports to resolve whether to reappoint committees. Should members resolve to reappoint committees, an amended calendar of meetings is attached for consideration.

>View Report for the appointment of committeesopens PDF file

>View the proposed calendar of meetingsopens PDF file

84/01/22CL: To Appoint Membership of Committees

Members are requested to resolve the membership of any reinstated committees.

85/01/22CL: To note achievement of Quality Gold Status

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) designed the Local Council Award Scheme “to celebrate the successes of the very best local councils and to provide a framework to support all local councils to improve and develop to meet their full potential.

The scheme offers councils the opportunity to show that they meet the standards set by the sector, assessed them by their peers, and put in place the conditions for continued improvement.” There are three award levels councils can apply for; foundation, quality and gold.

According to NALC “The Quality Gold Award demonstrates that a council is at the forefront of best practice and achieves excellence in governance, community leadership and council development. Quality Gold councils provide leadership for their communities, bring people together, have excellent business planning processes, ensuring value for money as well as constantly seeking new innovations and opportunities to improve. They highlight the very best we, as a sector, can achieve for our communities.”

At the Council meeting on 3rd November 2021, a report confirming our eligibility to apply was approved by members and our submission made in early December.

We received notification on 4th January 2022 that we had made a successful application for the gold award. The accreditation is valid for four years.

The panel praised the council’s application and complemented them on their comprehensive and interesting submission, which was both enjoyable and interesting to read. The panel very impressed and encouraged the council to continue with their excellent work.

At the time of writing we are the only council in Dartford to be awarded the gold award and only the 6th in Kent, along with Sevenoaks TC; Faversham TC; Folkestone TC; Swanley TC; and Marden PC.

86/01/22CL: To note the examiner’s final report for the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan and resolve follow-up action

Members are presented with the independent examiner’s report for the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

Members are requested to note the report and discuss follow-up action.

>View the Stone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Examiner’s Reportopens PDF file

87/01/22CL: To discuss and resolve the draft budget for 2022-23

Members are presented with a draft budget for 2022-23

>View the draft budget report for 2022/23opens PDF file

>View the budget summary for the draft budget 2022/23opens PDF file

>View the summary forecast and budget comparisonopens PDF file

88/01/22CL: To confirm the precept request for 2022-23

89/01/22CL: To resolve approval of the commission of a tender pack  for the Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan

Members are requested to resolve approval of the proposal by Liberty QS Limited for the Designing and managing of a tender pack for the proposed Recreational Ground Enhancement Works (Stone Recreation Ground Masterplan).

Design Consulting Tender £2,950 ‘Fixed Fee’

– Preparation of Design Tender Documents (Part completed previously and discount included)
– Submission of tender documents to open tender forum
– Managing tender enquiries and site visits
– Consulting tender management, evaluation and tender report for board approval
– Drafting of consulting appointments for SPC & Consultant attestation

90/01/22CL: Authorisation of Payments

A schedule of supplier payments is presented for council resolution to authorise payment.

>View the schedule of payments for authorisationopens PDF file

91/01/22CL: Planning Applications

  1.  To resolve representations to Major Planning Applications affecting the parish

opens in a new window21/01409/VCON – Hangloose Adventure Bluewater Parkway Dartford Kent

Application for variation of condition 11 of planning permission ref DA/18/01377/FUL to allow amended opening hours of March 1st – July 14th (7 days a week) between the hours of 10:00-17:00, July 15th – September 10th (7 days a week) between the hours of 10:00-20:00 and September 11th – February 28th/29th (7 days a week) between the hours of 10:00-16:00

2. To note representations by officers made under the council’s scheme of delegation

Planning Application
Council Response
opens in a new window21/01745/FUL –    98 Charles Street Stone Kent DA9 9AJ
Demolition of existing rear addition and erection of a single storey rear extension
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01760/FUL –    92 Hayes Road Horns Cross Greenhithe Kent DA9 9DW
Demolition of existing rear conservatory, erection of a single storey rear/side extension, detached sun room and alterations to roof from hip end to gable end for provision of dormer window in rear elevation in connection with providing additional rooms in the roof space
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01794/TPO –   Greenacres Bow Arrow Lane Stone Kent
Greenacres Bow Arrow Lane Stone Kent
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01820/COU –  1 Kingfisher Drive Greenhithe Kent DA9 9RS
Change of use of land to enclosed residential garden and erection of a 2m high fence to the side of the house (retrospective application)
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01853/FUL – Unit 55B Bridge Close Dartford DA2 6QP
Installation of a new sectional door and transition ramp to match the existing in design.
No Observation Made
opens in a new window21/01887/FUL –    2 Martin Drive Dartford Kent DA2 6BF
Erection of single storey and first floor rear extensions
No Observation Made