The parish of Stone is in North West Kent and lies 17 miles from London. It is at the heart of the major regeneration area of the Thames Gateway. To the north lies the River Thames estuary and the west is bordered by the M25 and the Dartford Crossing.

There are a large number of green, open spaces hiding pasts as excavated chalk pits and, latterly, as landfill sites. Lines of pylons form dominant features in this open and often treeless landscape with urbanisation and large settlements visible due to lack of any woodland screening.

The parish takes its name from the stony situation of it; Stane in Saxon signifying a Stone. It is referred to as Estanes in the Domesday Book and has a history reaching back as far as Saxon times demonstrated by large quantities of Iron Age and Roman pottery excavated locally.


Stone is a medium-size parish with approximately 4,700 households. The 2011 census states the population as 10,778, although this will have increased to over 12,000 due to new developments since that time. There is an almost 50% ratio between males and females. The largest age group is the 25-34, with the average age being 35. This is younger than both the Dartford (38) and Kent County (41) averages.


The Recreation Ground comprises 15 acres at the heart of Stone and features football pitches, children’s playground, multi-use games area and youth shelter. Youth and senior football teams operate from Stone Recreation Ground. Other children’s playgrounds are located at a number of other sites across the parish.

Stone Pavilion is a vibrant community facility that offers a wide variety of clubs for all age ranges, fitness and health activities, and interest groups. Youth clubs run at Stone Pavilion and Stone Baptist church.

Uniformed group activities are provided at two different parish locations. A new activity centre is due for imminent construction to further enhance provision of uniformed group and Duke of Edinburgh award scheme activities.


Although a commuter neighbourhood, statistically more people commute daily into Stone Parish than out, mainly due to the presence of Crossways Business Park and Bluewater Shopping Village.

Due to these two significant employment sites, the parish provides more than a third of the jobs in Dartford Borough. Unemployment among parish residents is low at 1.6%.

Health & Wellbeing

The life expectancy of parish residents is 75 for men and 79 for women. This is lower than that of Dartford and Kent.

The parish contains a General Practice with two GPs. Many residents in the west travel out of the parish to access GP services at the Dartford East Clinic.