20 is plenty logo with a childs drawing of a lollipop person and a girl crossing the roadIn the UK there are more than 6,500 pedestrian casualties per year, and 30% of pedestrian deaths are children aged 0-15 years. Its these statistics that are prompting campaigners to push for a 20mph speed limit around residential roads.

Councillor Mandy Garford raised the ’20 is plenty’ campaign at the latest council meeting, and believes it would make the roads safer.

“20mph is becoming globally recognised as the recommended speed for vehicles in an area where cars, pedestrians and cyclists meet. If we had 20mph on our residential roads it would feel safer, encouraging more people to walk and cycle.

“This would improve pollution levels, improve health, decrease traffic and make our community a safer place to live. I would love to see Stone lead the way on this!”

Stone Parish Council indicated support for the campaign following consultation with local residents.