This page provides information on how to report an issue or concern within the parish.

When clicking on some of the links you may be taken to an external website for the responsible agency, where you can report the problem directly.

If you need to report an act of cruelty, neglect or concern about the welfare of an animal, call the RSPCA’s 24-hour national cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999 or visit opens in a new

Dartford Borough Council provides and regularly empties about 500 litter and dog faeces bins across the Borough. Please phone 01322 343290 to report an overflowing or damaged bin.

Kent Highways are responsible for repairing potholes in the highway. Use KCC’s opens in a new windowonline fault reporting tool to report potholes in Stone. KCC aim to repair potholes within 28 days, or 2 hours if it’s an emergency.

Emergency potholes

Call KCC on 0300 333 5539 immediately if the pothole:

  • is over 10cm deep on a main or busy road
  • is over 1 metre wide on a main or busy road
  • could cause danger to people or property

KCC prioritise potholes according to how unsafe they’re making the road. Not all potholes are a priority but KCC do aim to fix all that are identified.

Kent County Council owns and looks after most of the street lights in Kent. Parish, district and town councils own and look after some and some are privately owned. However, Stone Parish Council is not responsible for any street lighting in Stone.

The street lights on motorways and trunk roads are looked after by the Highways Agency, so any faults should be reported using their helpline (0300 123 5000).

The lights that KCC own have a code (such as ‘ABCD123‘) on the side of the column which is used to identify the light. The code is similar to a house post code and tells us where the light is located when faults are reported.

Faulty street lights

If you see a faulty street light, please report it to KCC by using their opens in a new windowonline fault reporting form or by calling 0300 333 5539.

To help them find and repair the fault as quickly as possible please provide as much information as you can. Such as:

  • the code on the side of the column
  • the number of the house the light is outside
  • the name of the road
  • the name of the town or village
  • what is wrong with the light

The more information provided when the fault is reported, the quicker KCC can identify the correct course of action and repair the light.

The two main reasons street lights stop working are faulty equipment in the street light, such as a bulb failing or problems with the electricity supply.